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So as I mentioned yesterday I had a meeting with a realtor yesterday in Albany to check out some houses. We are not def. moving but it is in our consideration. Since we are thinking about it- I can’t help but make lists of things I love and must haves for a new house. Do you have a “Must Have” list for a new house or even an apartment? I’d like to hear them!!!! Since we don’t have a huge budget I can’t be to picky but I would like…
1. Fireplace
2. Nice backyard with deck
3. Double sinks in upstairs bathrooms
4. Stainless steal appliances
5. Hardwood floors

Now we live in the Northeast and you don’t get a lot of house for the money you spend. My friend just bought a beautiful house in GA and I am blown away with what you can get down there. Crazy!

Anyway, I’ve been spending hours looking thru the Home Sweet Style Tumblr.
If you could chose (money aside) would you want to live in a super contemporary house or an older house with character? I think this is where me and Kev differ. Kev with out question would choose one of the box houses, me on the other hand like the charm of the older house but I am still drawn to the awesome shape and windows of the contemporary ones. Its a toss up for me, but what about for you?

  1. I grew up in Maine, in a 200 Y.O. house, and I couldn’t imagine living in a contemporary house now! I think contemporary homes are beautiful, but they don’t go with my sensibilities. I have too much old stuff! (I love that last picture by the way) I live in an apartment at the moment, and if we were to move I would need:
    – a private porch or deck (preferably screened in so the cats can chill )
    – an extra bedroom I could use as an office/studio
    – built in bookshelves
    – nice molding/ antique accents
    -new furniture! (we have what is possibly the ugliest couch ever)
    we’re thinking about moving to Austin, TX and the thing that’s making me skittish is not the 106 degree heat- it’s the architecture!

  2. Johanna •

    I’d definitely go for the older house with character. I just don’t know if I could feel cozy and at home in a more contemporary house even though they are awesome to look at. I live in TN and you really can get a lot more for your money in the Southeast than you can up north. I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful, though. Good luck with your house-hunting!

  3. you could always get an old style home (my preference) and make it super modern inside.
    Hard to keep something so modern clean though because cluttered items look out of place..
    I agree with you.

  4. My husband and I are on the house hunt too. We’re on a pretty low budget, but we’re looking for a place with 2 car garage, 3 bed, 2 bath, and preferably an unfinished basement.

    I’d rather have a small house with lots of character. My husband would choose square footage over design. I hope I win. 🙂

  5. Hi Jen! I’m new to your blog, but I’ve been reading for a few weeks now.

    I’m going to start looking for a house soon, so this post got my attention. I would definitely go for the older house with charm. Of course my tastes have changed since I have gotten older. So who knows what I will like 10 years from now.

    Now I need to go make a wish list for my dream house. I’m probably not going to be able to be too picky considering I won’t be able to afford much, but it will be nice to dream!

    Good luck if you decide to move!

  6. Oooh, fun! We always are talking about what we’d want in a house. I like older homes with character. As long as they are build well and any upgrades that have been done to them are up to code and in keeping with the era of the house. I think that’s really important.

    Some things that have come up in our conversations about what we’d want:
    -A shop or work space for him and a work space for me.
    -A closed off kitchen, not one that is open to the rest of the house like some of the open floorplans you see nowadays. (That way our couch doesn’t smell like dinner.)
    -Deep kitchen sink (even though this is something that can be changed after we moved in, it’s amazing how important this has become to me as an “already there” feature.)
    -A nice yard with a couple of trees.
    -A porch.

    I hope you find something wonderful if you do end up moving!

  7. I love the charm of older houses.
    A lot of new houses seem really stark and impersonal to me.

    The only problem is that the most beautiful old houses are always freezing!

  8. I like old houses as well. My parents were looking for a house in the city that my sisters and I could live in while we attend university and they ended up buying a house that was over eighty years old. My older sister and I felt at home as soon as we went inside and we love the location. Contemporary houses are too minimal for me. I am so messy.
    P.S. very much enjoying your blog!

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