Summer* Style File 7.09.09


hehe so I told you I was inspired by Jillian’s wardrobe on the Bachelorette. I wore this today to meet with a realtor in Albany. I loved wearing this outfit all day- it made me feel happy. Then I even got to meet Kev at his work and go for a little walk around hamilton and lark st. which made the day even better. It was a beautiful day (finally)!!

This whole outfit (except belt, bracelet and glasses) was thrifted at the goodwill!!!
Blouse- You can’ tell but the shirt details are really cute. It is an orange/peach color pinstripe with a ruffle down buttons: Goodwill $2.99
Shorts: Goodwill $2.99
Belt: NY & Co. $12
Vintage Peep Toes: Goodwill (in hawaii) $4
Black Bobble bracelet: Target $5
Sunglasses: Target $10

*Teacher Style Files will Return August 27th

  1. Very cute and casual.

  2. this outfit is fantastic!

  3. Angela •

    you look great! I’m glad you watch the bachelorette and think jilly’s outfits are cute, because i do too!

  4. i’ve been inspired by her style as well! she looked so adorable running around spain and like you i was particularly fetched by her shorts and button down looks. i wish i could find a site with photos of her outfits! girl needs to get on weardrobe haha

  5. Laura •

    Oh man, you beat me to everything. I loved her outfit – its funny cause when i saw your pic I was like, thats like that outfit i loved that Jillian wore, then i scroll down to see that it was your inspiration, you totally pulled it off! I’m torn about the house thing. I’ve seen some pretty awesome houses that are really modern that i thought would be amazing to live in but I love that old charm with modern touches. It’s so hard, can I have one of each!?

    Congratulations on running that race. You should be so proud of yourself! How nice that Kev got to run with you, it’s so much better when you have things like that to do together, right? And it’s also great that you got to visit with your friends from Hawaii. The kids are so darn cute! I love little boys… I mean, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean! LOL. If you find any houses in Albany send me the mls# or the address, i want to see what you find. I miss you a lot.

    PS – who do you think Jillian should pick? I love Ed but I think Reed would be good for her. I dont trust Kipton, idk why. And why the heck did she keep that loser country boy around so long. He totally creeped me out! Can you believe all the stuff he said when he pulled away in the limo! And how much do you want to go to spain now!? Looks so awesome.

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