Summer* Style Files 7.08.09


Its an errand day. Just something simple and comfortable- its also quite chilly today for being July 8th.

Black Cardigan: Old Navy (super old)
Neon Pink Tee: Victoria’s Secret $3.99
Jeans: Gap (cut into shorts- had jeans way to long)
Sandals: Sears $4.99
Necklaces: Simply Vera $4.99
Sunglasses: France

*Teacher Style Files will return when I go back to school August 27th

  1. you’re so cute! i love that you’ve changed it from teacher to summer.

  2. I like it! I especially like that the sunglasses are from France. You don’t go back to school until the 27th? We go back the 11th for teacher work days…ugh. Summer is so short.

  3. It’s simple, comfy and yet still so stylish! Love it! And that necklace looks awesome. Is that a feather on there I see?

  4. I really like your sunnies! I’ve completely given up on the weather this year, sad but true!

  5. I really like your sandals, I’ve been looking for a good pair of sandals lately… gladiator ones kind of shorten my stumpy legs, your sandals however are perfect.

  6. milly •

    Cute necklace!

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