My Cousin

My cousin Jill got married the other weekend in northern Ontario and I just saw some of pictures on my cousin Laura’s facebook. Jill looked so beautiful!!! Oh my gosh, I have to post this picture because her flowers, her dress and her hair piece are perfection!!! The Blackstone girls were are our best friends growing up- we did everything with Jordan, Jillian and Laura. They had 3 girls and we had 3 girls. We were all a match made in heaven. I miss seeing them very much. I was so happy to see these pictures because I am so happy for Jill, but its hard because I miss my family in Canada very much. We use to do so much growing up and now we are all grown and live far away and its sad sometimes. I think I need to plan a trip to Canada very soon!! Congrats to Jill and Ryan. I hope to see you guys soon!!

  1. amadl •

    the fLower is beautifuL!

  2. You’re right, the flowers, the headpiece, dress – perfect

  3. hey jen and kev, thanks so much for the nice words, it was a perfect day and i wish you could have been there! love ya and miss ya – you look fantastic yourself!

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