Videos from Weekend

So here are 2 very short little movies that we took while we were shooting off fireworks on Saturday night in the empty field that is in front of the Pocono Raceway. They make me laugh so hard!! The 1st one is of Carrie and me setting off 2 fireworks at the same time. We each had a lighter and were suppose to get them lit at the same time. Haha it didn’t work out like that but I was determined not to run till mine was lit. I love watching our flashlights as we run away finally. It reminds me of being a kid. I also love all the laughter- it makes me smile, especially from the second movie. Carries laugh is so contagious. Every time I watch the clip it makes me laugh. I hope we all have something in our life that we enjoy enough to laugh like that over!!

  1. Her laugh is amazing! I watched the video twice because I just started to laugh when I heard her. Thanks for sharing that!

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