Over the Weekend Pt.1

So I am a little behind this week so far. Sorry. I had lots of cleaning and unpacking to do yesterday that needed to get to first. Anyways, our trip to the Poconos was awesome. We had amazing weather and great company. Our campsite was in the most perfect spot and other than getting soaking wet wood that we had to deal with all weekend for fires the weekend was a success. Kev made his “gentlemen’s game” the night before we left and it was actually super fun to sit around the campsite playing. It involves throwing bottle caps into a hole he cut out of a board. (haha not very complicated but super fun). Saturday we went to Bushkill Falls and hikes around there for a couple hours. It was very beautiful and the waterfalls were actually quite big. Saturday night we celebrated the 4th with huge sparklers and lighting off fireworks in an open field we found by our campsite. It was awesome!! I love camping! (hehe and fireworks) To see all our camping pictures you can click HERE to go to the camping flickr set.

best camp breakfast… eggs cooked over fire mixed in with cinnamon toast crunch


  1. What campsite did you guys stay at? Bushkill Falls looks amazing!!

  2. We stayed at a campsite called WT Family Campsite. It was about 35 mins from Bushkill Falls. There are tons of campgrounds out there though. You could probably find one that was closer to the falls if you were thinking of going.


  3. Laura •

    Looks like you had a great weekend. Camping sounds fun. We did some fireworks too. Anthony and Mike made a border run the night before and got a bunch of fireworks. The baby was so scared though, he said they were too loud so we watched from inside.

    i love the happy new year napkins.

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