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So today I put 2 new headbands into my etsy store. I made 4 of each of them (1 has already been sold) so if you want one go snatch one up!! I love both of them!! I wear headbands a lot and these 2 are my favorites by far. I love the purple and gold combo in the one and then the fresh summer feel of the other. I also love the antique buttons on each of them- they give them that special sort of touch. You can click this link to get to my store or you can always click the “shop” tab on the top right of the site!

  1. I love your headbands!

    Last night I went crazy creating some of my own fun headbands and hair clips.
    Such a great way to use up extra sewing fabric!

  2. i bought the purple one! i cant wait to get it!

    hope you guys had a great weekend! xox

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