July 1st!!!!

Did you know I am canadian?
Dear family and friends living in Canada: I miss you and love you very much. I wish I could be there for picnics, BBQ, Sparklers, chocolate popsicles, swimming and putting ice under cups and then rubbing it on Grandpas head. hehe I don’t know why we use to do that. I truly miss seeing everyone on holidays! Love you guys!!

  1. i didn’t know that!! where are you from??
    hurray for being canadian!!!

  2. I use to live outside of Toronto. My family is all scattered around that area as well as in Alberta and out near Halifax.

  3. I am a Torontonian and the only person in my work parking lot with a Canadian flag on my car (yes I have to work today…boo). Thanks for the patriotism!

  4. WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! canadians unite, hehe! <3

  5. Hahahaha the ice!

  6. Yippppeeee!!!! Happy Canada Day! So nice to see another Canadian in the blogging world! Cheers eh!

  7. I didn’t know you were Canadian until I started going through old posts today. Very exciting!!

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