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July 2009

Summer Style Files 7.30.09

So our tripod broke and I am having a hard time taking pictures lately. I have been using the garbage can to set the camera on. I feel ridiculous outside dragging it around the yard trying to find some good light. Anyways, this is a shirt I have been making for a while. Well it actually was suppose to be a dress but I must have an alien length torso because it fits like a shirt. I am almost finished but I need to finish the edge on the arm holes. I tried to hide it in the pictures but the close up gives it away. I am just being lazy.


Hat: Target $6
Shirt: a jenloveskev creation
Belt: NY&Co.
Shorts: Express $20
Sanndals: Chinese Laundry (TJ Max) $20

From the Craft Room

Boy oh Boy do I have a treat for you. I have been working all morning and well afternoon on this!! So there are a lot of statement necklaces out there now a days and I def. love them. They are so beautiful and such a great and easy way to dress up just about anything. I have been searching for one that is colorful though and most of them I have seen are just silver, gold or black. SOoo I decided to figure out how to make my own. I tired a lot of different things before I settled on this design and I absolutely love it!! I made 2 of them- one for me to keep and one to sell in my etsy store. There is only one so if you love it as much as me- go get it!!! I think it will look so stunning with a white tank and a black skirt- or a simple black dress or even just jeans and a top. It would go with so much. I seriously feel like there is a party around my neck as I have been wearing it around the house today.

You can wear it short, long, with a bow on the side. There are lots of options. It is made with a felt back with 4 layers of tool sewn on top. Then to embellish I sewed sequins, beads, and crystals. To tie I have attached a stain black ribbon.


Id Wear That

I had to meet my mom at the Holyoke Mall this afternoon to exchange the kitties (its about half way between me and my parents and my mom had been babysitting while we were on vaca) anyways, I got there a bit early to meet erin on her lunch break. It was nice to see her in the middle of the week. I had been going thru erin withdrawals because I just spent an entire week with her. Anyone that lives around here been to the Holyoke Mall lately? The Forever 21 in there is beyond words. I think I walk around that store with my mouth open the entire time. I have been to lot of Forever 21’s in this country but none of them compare to the size of this store and I mean none. It is bigger than a department store. Everything is so bright and shiny, its just crazy- I go speechless. With time to kill before my mom got there I wondered around- well I wondered around in these shoes. I fell in love! I must have these shoes. I was good and didn’t buy them but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about them every min. since I left. They are beyond comfy and well I just need to have them. Then I just started drooling over all their cute skirts and dresses. When I got home I was super pumped to make todays I’d Wear That based on all Forever 21 stuff because of the Forever 21 high I was on. Kev and me have another art show opening in Troy this Friday and if I had it my way I would be wearing this and be on cloud nine all night…


J’amie Paris Tank: Forever 21 $11.80
Adorable Purple Skirt: Forever 21 $19.80
Bracelets: Forever 21 $5.80 x2
Totally Amazing Shoes: Forever 21 $34.80

Seriously I can’t get enough of this outfit!

Summer Style File 7.29.09

ok ok so I am going to cheat- I didnt wear this today. Ooops! This is actually a picture from vacation but I think it works well for a style file. Its a very simple one but hey simple works too!


Glasses: France
White Tee: Walmart $5
Denim Skirt: Old Navy $20
Sandals: Sears $4.99

I told you- Simple!

Summer Style File 7.28.09


Vest: Thrifted $3
White Blouse: H&M $8
Shorts: Old Navy $20
Necklace: Simple Vera by Vera Wang $2.99
Vintage Peep Toes: Hawaii
Scarf Headband: Old Fabric from craftroom

15 things

So I have been tagged twice recently by 2 lovely ladies (Orchid Grey and Krystal) to share things about myself. I loved reading each one of theirs and hope you find some interest in reading about me. Instead of tagging specific people- I tag each one of you reading to leave a comment with some facts about yourself! I love getting to know you guys and what better way then sharing a few things about yourself. Can’t wait to read!!!
1. I Think being married is one of the single greatest things.
2. Thinks I was suppose to be born in Paris
3. I have a cup or two of some sort of mint tea every morning.
4. I am a vegetarian who struggles with not being vegan beacause by eating dairy I am still eating what I dont want to eat in the meat.
5. is a sucker for cheesey chic flicks
6. is scared to make art most times because I dont want it to be bad
7. loves thrift stores and garage sales
8. I always feel the urge to move somewhere else then where I am- I am an adventure seeker
9. loves fashion and shopping (maybe a little to much-eekk!)
10. Loves yoga and running
11. Proud Canadian
12. Loves being an art teacher but has trouble not being discouraged when kids don’t love art as much as me
13. Is obsessed with kitties
14. is terribly blind with out my contacts or glasses
15. loves to still act like a kid- I hope I am always a kid at heart

Last Nights Dinner

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
So I found this recipe a little while ago and have been dying to try it out! I have a major food crush on pineapple and any recipe that involves it. It cooks very quickly- the longest part is just getting everything chopped and ready to go. I was also excited to use the wok Kev bought me- I love that thing! Anyways, when we sat down to eat it, we both thought it was amazingly delicious. I, of course cooked chicken to put on top top Kev’s and I had it just plain with veggies. You could also cook shrimp for it if you eat seafood. It was such a great use of flavors from the curry, currants, pineapple, peas, cilantro, etc… it all worked together so well!!


1 tablespoon oil
2 shallots (chopped)
3 cloves garlic (chopped)
1 red chili (chopped)
1 red pepper (diced)
1 egg (whisked together)
3 tablespoons vegetable broth
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon curry powder ( I used Red Curry Powder)
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup cashews (more if you like)
3 cups cooked Brown rice
1 cup pineapple chunks (Fresh or Canned)
1 cup baby corn cobs (haha do those have another name?)
1/4 cup peas (fresh or frozen)
1/4 cup currants (so delicious!)
2 green onions (sliced)
1/4 cup cilantro (chopped)

1. Heat the oil in a pan.
2. Add the shallots, garlic, chillies and red pepper, corncobs and stir-fry about a minute.
3. Add the egg and stir-fry for a minute.
4. Add the veggie stock, soy sauce, curry powder and sugar and stir-fry.
5. Add the cashews and stir-fry for 30 seconds.
6. Add the rice and stir-fry for a few minutes.
7. Add the pineapple, peas and raisins and stir-fry to mix them in until peas are cooked thru (if using frozen)
8. Stir in a pinch of cut up cilantro- stir thru
8. Remove from heat and serve garnished with chopped green onions and remaining cilantro.

Lucky Style Spotter


So one of my favorite magazines is Lucky. I have always loved it because I feel like it is an obtainable fashion magazine- more on my level. Don’t get me wrong I love the editorials in elle, vogue etc… but I don’t have a budget or a life that fits those fashions. I was excited when I found out Lucky had a website called Lucky Style Spotter– it is sort of along the lines of Weardrobe or the flickr group Wardrobe remix. I signed up a while back and have enjoyed posting pictures as well as being inspired by other outfits as well. Anyways, about a month ago the website asked me if they could write a little profile on me. I was super excited!!! It just got posted so go and read about what inspires me, what I always have in my purse and a few other things. You can also check out some of my favorite looks on Lucky Style Spotter!!

Thanks to Lucky!!

Summer* Style File 7.27.09


So I put this outfit on this morning and it was one of those things where you aren’t sure of what you are going to wear but all the sudden it all fits together and I ended up loving this outfit. I love little silk scarfs!! I feel very safari like in this outfit. I need to go look for some lions or tigers, or bears (oh my!)
Scarf: Ralph Lauren $20
Tank: Walmart $5
Belt: Thrifted $3
Shorts: Thirfted $2.99
Sandals: Sears $4.99
Bracelets: Presents from Veau and Emily (2 wooden ones) other gold bangles from Claires

*Teacher Style Files return August 27th

Over the Weekend (or week)

I am Back! Time to get back into regular posting. I tired to stay a little connected over vacation but the sea, beach, friends and love of relaxing got the best of me. hehe. I guess thats why my google reader gave up counting how many new post I had to read and just stated +1000. ouch! Can you guess what I have been doing all morning? After this I promised myself I would go unpack the car but I am majorly procrastinating. Anyways, here are the last pictures of our vacation. They are from the hubby’s camera so of course they are super nice. All in all we had an awesome week in Nags Head, we had great dinners, good time with friends, awesome waves, and lots of memories that we will cherish forever. I would recommend the Outer Banks to anyone thinking of going. Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on our vacation pictures thus far. I have enjoyed reading them all.

Hello from Nags Head pt.2

Hey hey, here are some pictures from our day here yesterday . It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect!! Kev and me went exploring to some dunes and a cool lighthouse before we hit the beach. We went out to a super nice dinner last night and then to the Jolly Roger for an evening of karaoke. I don’t think it will be an evening any of us will forget anytime soon. Haha. I thought I should introduce you to our vacation buddies since I haven’t yet… First up we have Mike and Erin, we have known them since college and are some of our closest friends. Next up we have Jay and Nikki, we meet them thru Erin and Mike and we all have been a good 6-some ever since!!
Kev would not button his shirt- he thought it was so funny and now we have this ridiculous picture when everyone else has a nice couple picture. Ha!
Mike and Erin
Jay and Nikki

Hello from Nags Head

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone’s week is going good so far. We are having a wonderful time here!! It’s so nice
to be by the ocean again. It makes us miss living in Hawaii very much. I went for a walk today and met a cute little 7yrs. girl who helped me pick some awesome shell pieces. The waves were huge today so we had a lot of fun playing. Here are some pictures from our day (they aren’t great ones just what I can take with my phone. I forgot the cable for
my camera to my laptop) Enjoy!!!

On our way to N.C

So we have been driving all thru the night to get down to Nags Head- so far it’s been going by pretty fast. It’s neat to see the world in the middle of the night! Anyways, we stopped very early this morning for so much needed refueling at The Waffle House- Mmmmm waffles and hash browns!!

p.s. Photo credits given to kev and his iPhone!

Summer Vacation!!!

ok ok so I have technically been on summer vacation for a little while but today we are leaving for Nags Head, NC its part of the outer banks. I have never been there before but I have heard good things!! I am super excited because it means a whole week of spending time with Kev and since he is not a teacher like me, he does not get as much time off so when we does its awesome!!! yippie!! I am not saying goodbye to the blogging world for the whole week. I will pop in and out with some photos now that I have my iphone, but the regular posts will not be happening next week. I will be back in full swing on Monday July 27th! I hope you all have a very nice weekend and week and I will talk to you all again soon!!


Around the House

So I think I am in love with chalkboard paint! I always see pictures with it used in houses and I just love it- I have yet to find a spot in my own house to use it, but I love the idea of using it in the kitchen to write grocery lists and recipes (like the picture below) on. My only questions are- does it erase good? and does it make a huge mess with all the chalk dust? Any one else have it painted somewhere in their house? Can any one suggest a good type or brand?


Let me know your thoughts!

Summer* Style Files 7.17.09


So I will admit I wasn’t doing anything fancy today but laundry and getting ready to go on vacation tomorrow, but who says you have to wear sweats around the house? hehe. As I was packing I ended up just playing dress up as I looked thru my closet. It’s been a good morning!

Silk Top: TJ Max $12
Skirt: Zara (I got it when I was in France!) I think it was like 45 euros
Sandals: Old Navy (gift card!)

*Teacher Style Files will return AUgust 27th

From the Craft Room

So I designed a few totes a little while ago because I just love tote bags. I have like a million of them and I always spruce them up a bit so they will stand out from the rest when I am out and about. I use them to carry my library books back to the library. I use one I designed as a little beach bag for holding magazines, water and sunscreen. I even use to carry all my art supplies to and from classes in college in one I designed up. Whatever you’ll use them for I think these ones are super cute! I just added these 3 to my etsy store. They are all unique because I make ’em how I feel that day. I use scraps of old fabric and cut stencils to screen print an image on them. Then I dig thru my giant collection of used and vintage buttons to find the perfect fit. I hope maybe one will catch your eye and you will snatch one up to carry all your goodies. Go Check out my shop!!!

The Owl:

The Pirate:
The Rocker

Summer* Style Files 7.16.09

Can you believe that it is July 16th already? I sure can’t- its just crazy how fast time goes by!!


I wore this outfit to meet with the realtor again. It was a pretty hot and humid day today but I very much welcomed the warmth- I have been feeling kinda silly wearing sweatpants, sweatshirt and slippers around my house at night in the middle of July…

Shirt: Forever 21 $15
Brown Shorts: Old Navy $4.99
Brown Flats: Hand me down from Amy

House Hunting??

In case you are wondering I totally got an iPhone the other day which is why I can post stuff while i’m out and about and iam totally loving it!!! Yippie!! Anyways, I just checked out this house with kev and the realtor. We kinda liked it a lot but it’s so hard thinking about leaving are house. Any one else out there moved from the first house they bought?? It’s sort of a sad thing cause there will never be your first house again. We are excited to be near where kev’s work and all our friends in albany if we move though.


3.1 Phillip Lim

So I saw these pictures about a month ago but I can’t stop looking at them. I just love every piece of the 3.1 Phillip Lim 2010 Resort collection. Its so good!! I love the lace and the cropped pants and the cute skirts and the jackets!! Its all perfection. What are your thoughts??
Oooo p.s. I think I need to grow my bangs out now because I am loving the blonde girls hair!


Id Wear That

So as I just mention I am in Boston today with my mom, that means that I can’t really post a regular I’d Wear That. I can however show you an outfit I really liked at Urban Outfitters as we were shopping around. I loved this brown leopard print skirt with this gray tank- so fun for summer!! I am not sure about the chain belt though, I think I would do without that. What do you think??


Boston with my Mom

I’m sitting in Quicy Market with my mom right now for a wonderful lunch on the most beautiful day!!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Oh man I love this band!

I tired to find the actual music video to post here but they were all disabled for posting. You can check out the real video for Zero Here.
Karen O is so awesome!

Summer* Style File 7.14.09


Where did the warm weather go?
Shirt: Lands End (goodwill) $2.99
Shorts: Forever 21 $15
Sandals: Chinese Laundry (TJ Max)
Flower Pin: A Jenloveskev Creation

*Teacher Style Files will return August 27th

Last Nights Dinner

So I made the most delicious lunch for myself yesterday!!! I didn’t want to finish eating it ever- hehe! It was a nice day out yesterday so I sat outside in our backyard and enjoyed my lunch with a tall glass of ice tea.

Its really simple…
All you need are:
Bread- You choose. I got a nice multigrain loaf from the bakery
An egg
Fresh Dill

Ripe center of bread out. Brush both sides with olive oil. Heat up a frying pan and place bread in. Crack an egg into hole in center of bread and cook to your desired egg liking- hard or easy, flipping so it cooks egg and bread on both sides.

Slice tomato and sprinkle with fresh dill
Slice avocado
Place all on plate and eat!!!

Summer* Style Files 7.13.09


Headband: Jenloveskev Creation
Loose Gray Tank: Victoria’s Secret $3.99
Black Skirt: Thirfted $? a few dollars
Necklace: Simply Vera $2.99
Sandals: Sears $4.99

*Teacher Style Files will return August 27th

Over the Weekend

This weekend flew by! We had a very busy but wonderful weekend. Saturday morning we drove down to the Bronx Zoo to meet Jenni, Toby and the boys for the day. I was so excited to see them!! They live in Hawaii so I we don’t get to see them very often. I saw them in Feb. when I flew out but Kev hasn’t seen them in almost 2 years. Crazy! The boys are getting so big! It was really great seeing them and spending some time together. I love that family!

When we left the Zoo on Saturday we drove straight on up to Utica to see our friends Matt and Kath. We went up because we were all running in the Utica Boilermaker 15k on sunday!! I have never run this race before but it is crazy!! 11,000 people run!! People are crazy about it too- hehe. It is sponsered by Saranac Beer because you finish right at the brewery- so there is a major post race party with bands, and dancing, and food, and goodies, and all the free Saranac you can drink. It was really a fun time. I didn’t think I would be able to drink after running 9.3 miles but everyone is there in their race gear dancing and eating and drinking and you kinda just get into the “lets celebrate” mode. I usually run by myself at races but Kev signed up for this race too, so for the last little while we have been training together and we ran the whole race together. It has been so fun doing it with each other. Way better than doing it alone. I think its going to be our new thing – A race running duo!!! I am really glad Matt invited us to come along this year and be part of it. We will def. be back next year!

We were going for the 70’s look with our sweatbands!!! ha!

Have a great weekend!

So I wish you all a wonderful summer weekend!!! We are off to the Bronx Zoo tomorrow to see lots of animals but also to get together with our dear friends from hawaii who are in town!!!! I cant wait to see them!!! Then we are driving up to Utica tomorrow evening to stay the night and then run The Boilermaker 15k on sunday. Its going to be a busy weekend- but then again when don’t we have a busy weekend? yippie!!

I leave you with this picture of Hannah and me at six flags today. It is beyond me why an amusement park would pick an old man that dances as their mascot but as creepy and weird as he is we totally had to get out picture with him today. haha. (he stole me hat!) p.s. I forgot how much I love waterparks. So fun!!

oooh also thanks for all the comments about house ideas! I loved reading every one and I do agree- I love an old house with a modern twist (decorations and furniture) set against the old charm of the house. That is why I love our house so much now- it’s going to be a hard house to leave if we decide to move for real.

Also, I am glad to see so many Bachelorette fans out there!!!

ok ok now I am going for real- Have a great weekend!!

Around the House

So as I mentioned yesterday I had a meeting with a realtor yesterday in Albany to check out some houses. We are not def. moving but it is in our consideration. Since we are thinking about it- I can’t help but make lists of things I love and must haves for a new house. Do you have a “Must Have” list for a new house or even an apartment? I’d like to hear them!!!! Since we don’t have a huge budget I can’t be to picky but I would like…
1. Fireplace
2. Nice backyard with deck
3. Double sinks in upstairs bathrooms
4. Stainless steal appliances
5. Hardwood floors

Now we live in the Northeast and you don’t get a lot of house for the money you spend. My friend just bought a beautiful house in GA and I am blown away with what you can get down there. Crazy!

Anyway, I’ve been spending hours looking thru the Home Sweet Style Tumblr.
If you could chose (money aside) would you want to live in a super contemporary house or an older house with character? I think this is where me and Kev differ. Kev with out question would choose one of the box houses, me on the other hand like the charm of the older house but I am still drawn to the awesome shape and windows of the contemporary ones. Its a toss up for me, but what about for you?

Summer* Style File 7.09.09


hehe so I told you I was inspired by Jillian’s wardrobe on the Bachelorette. I wore this today to meet with a realtor in Albany. I loved wearing this outfit all day- it made me feel happy. Then I even got to meet Kev at his work and go for a little walk around hamilton and lark st. which made the day even better. It was a beautiful day (finally)!!

This whole outfit (except belt, bracelet and glasses) was thrifted at the goodwill!!!
Blouse- You can’ tell but the shirt details are really cute. It is an orange/peach color pinstripe with a ruffle down buttons: Goodwill $2.99
Shorts: Goodwill $2.99
Belt: NY & Co. $12
Vintage Peep Toes: Goodwill (in hawaii) $4
Black Bobble bracelet: Target $5
Sunglasses: Target $10

*Teacher Style Files will Return August 27th

Id Wear That

So this week’s I’d Wear That… is inspired by abc’s show The Bachelorette. I will admit that yes, I watch it every week. I love it! This season especially because Jillian is just so cute and she is Canadian. Anyone else out there watch it?

Jillians clothes are always super cute and I love seeing her dresses she wears to rose ceremonies. Anyways, this past week Jillian and her boys went to Spain. Almost every date she had this week she was wearing some sort of awesome button up shirt/short combo. I loved how classic and cool she looked. It has totally inspired me!!! (hehe you’ll see by my Summer Style File today)


Button up: Lands End $19.99
Shorts: JCrew $39.50
Sandals: Steve Madden $39.95
Belt: Forever 21 $2.50
Feather Necklace: Forever 21 $7.80

Grand Total: $109.74

My Cousin

My cousin Jill got married the other weekend in northern Ontario and I just saw some of pictures on my cousin Laura’s facebook. Jill looked so beautiful!!! Oh my gosh, I have to post this picture because her flowers, her dress and her hair piece are perfection!!! The Blackstone girls were are our best friends growing up- we did everything with Jordan, Jillian and Laura. They had 3 girls and we had 3 girls. We were all a match made in heaven. I miss seeing them very much. I was so happy to see these pictures because I am so happy for Jill, but its hard because I miss my family in Canada very much. We use to do so much growing up and now we are all grown and live far away and its sad sometimes. I think I need to plan a trip to Canada very soon!! Congrats to Jill and Ryan. I hope to see you guys soon!!

Summer* Style Files 7.08.09


Its an errand day. Just something simple and comfortable- its also quite chilly today for being July 8th.

Black Cardigan: Old Navy (super old)
Neon Pink Tee: Victoria’s Secret $3.99
Jeans: Gap (cut into shorts- had jeans way to long)
Sandals: Sears $4.99
Necklaces: Simply Vera $4.99
Sunglasses: France

*Teacher Style Files will return when I go back to school August 27th

Summer* Style Files 7.07.09


Dress: American Eagle Outfitters $9.99( I never buy stuff from here but the other day I went in to see if they had bathing suits and the entire store was on sale for like $10 or less it was crazy. I got a bunch of sweet stuff for so so cheap!!)
Neon Green Tank: Victoria’s Secret $3.99
Sandals: Sears $4.99

* Teacher Style Files will resume when I go back to school on August 27th

Last Nights Dinner

Does anyone else love kale? Well I sure do- its good for you and I could just eat it for every meal. I am always on the look at for recipes that have Kale in them, so when I saw this one I was excited. Its a super easy dinner but one that goes great with a glass of wine as you eat it outside on a warm summer night. Mmmm Its delicious!!


*1 box whole wheat rigatoni
*2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
*2 cloves garlic, minced
*Dash red pepper flakes
*4 ounces kale, thick stems removed and chopped
*2 small tomatoes, seeded and diced
*Freshly ground black pepper
*Handful of grated parmesan and romano cheese

Prepare the pasta according to the package directions. Drain and set aside.

Meanwhile, heat the olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes in a large skillet over medium heat. If you add the garlic and the oil while the pan is cold and bring them up to temperature together, the flavor of the garlic will infuse the oil and it won’t burn. As soon as the garlic is fragrant, add the kale and saute for 4-5 minutes.

Add the tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Continue to saute for an additional 2-3 minutes. Toss the pasta with the kale mixture, adding a handful of grated parmesan and romano cheese. Stir to evenly coat all of the pasta.

Remove from the heat and serve immediately.

Videos from Weekend

So here are 2 very short little movies that we took while we were shooting off fireworks on Saturday night in the empty field that is in front of the Pocono Raceway. They make me laugh so hard!! The 1st one is of Carrie and me setting off 2 fireworks at the same time. We each had a lighter and were suppose to get them lit at the same time. Haha it didn’t work out like that but I was determined not to run till mine was lit. I love watching our flashlights as we run away finally. It reminds me of being a kid. I also love all the laughter- it makes me smile, especially from the second movie. Carries laugh is so contagious. Every time I watch the clip it makes me laugh. I hope we all have something in our life that we enjoy enough to laugh like that over!!

Over the Weekend Pt.2

Bushkill Falls was a pretty sweet place. It was a wonderful day and it was fun just walking around the trails. There were quite a few waterfalls throughout the trail that were actually pretty impressive. I was really glad that Jon and Carrie got to come with us- We really enjoyed having them there with us!! Here are some pics (to see all waterfall and 4th of July pictures click here)

I think this is when I was walking thru the forest as a zombie?…

Over the Weekend Pt.1

So I am a little behind this week so far. Sorry. I had lots of cleaning and unpacking to do yesterday that needed to get to first. Anyways, our trip to the Poconos was awesome. We had amazing weather and great company. Our campsite was in the most perfect spot and other than getting soaking wet wood that we had to deal with all weekend for fires the weekend was a success. Kev made his “gentlemen’s game” the night before we left and it was actually super fun to sit around the campsite playing. It involves throwing bottle caps into a hole he cut out of a board. (haha not very complicated but super fun). Saturday we went to Bushkill Falls and hikes around there for a couple hours. It was very beautiful and the waterfalls were actually quite big. Saturday night we celebrated the 4th with huge sparklers and lighting off fireworks in an open field we found by our campsite. It was awesome!! I love camping! (hehe and fireworks) To see all our camping pictures you can click HERE to go to the camping flickr set.

best camp breakfast… eggs cooked over fire mixed in with cinnamon toast crunch


Good Bye for the Weekend

So we are packing like crazy right now at 11:53pm because our plans changed for this weekend an hour ago. We were planning on going up to Kev’s families cottage in NH for the weekend with some friends but it is suppose to rain all weekend (big surprise right?) So having just about enough of the rain we have decided to go where there isnt (hopefully) going to be rain. We are now heading south to the Pocono’s. Our change of plans now means one of the couples that were coming to NH can’t come which is giving me a knot in my stomach because I will miss them terribly but this is what is best for Kev- he needs to get away and it will be super great to hang out with Jon and Carrie still. (Mike and Erin we still have the outer banks in 2 weeks together!!!) So anyways I am saying good bye for the weekend now. I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend that is full of fun and laughter with loved ones!! Oooh and you get to play with sparklers!!! Its not a holiday weekend with out them.
Here are some pictures of Kev from our last 4th of July!

From the Craft Room

So today I put 2 new headbands into my etsy store. I made 4 of each of them (1 has already been sold) so if you want one go snatch one up!! I love both of them!! I wear headbands a lot and these 2 are my favorites by far. I love the purple and gold combo in the one and then the fresh summer feel of the other. I also love the antique buttons on each of them- they give them that special sort of touch. You can click this link to get to my store or you can always click the “shop” tab on the top right of the site!

How exciting when you picture gets put on the home page of weardrobe!
Thanks to everyone there!!!

Id Wear That

So its the 4th of July this weekend and I hope many of you have plans to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the long weekend. One of my favorite things about holiday weekends are gatherings and BBQ’s. Here is what I think I cute and simple saturday bbq outfit would be…
Racerback Tank: American Apparel $18
Tulip Skirt: Topshop 25Euros*
Fringe Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters $$9.95
Pansy Skull Scarf: Topshop 18Euros* (totally in love with this scarf)

* I am to lazy right now to find a conversion chart for Euros to Dollars- sorry.
Enjoy the 4th!!

July 1st!!!!

Did you know I am canadian?
Dear family and friends living in Canada: I miss you and love you very much. I wish I could be there for picnics, BBQ, Sparklers, chocolate popsicles, swimming and putting ice under cups and then rubbing it on Grandpas head. hehe I don’t know why we use to do that. I truly miss seeing everyone on holidays! Love you guys!!

Teacher Style File 6.30.09

This is the dress I made a little while ago from a old 80’s pattern I have. I have been waiting for it to be warm to wear it and its finally starting to feel a little bit like summer.

Dress: McCalls Pattern from the 80’s (from recycling center)
Belt: Piece of ribbon from craft room (from recycling center)
Shoes: Hand me downs

Sweet this outfit cost me nothing!

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