Over the Weekend- The Opening

So Friday night was our art opening and it went awesome! There were lots of people out and about Troy that night so we got lots of traffic. Best of all of our good friends were out to support us. I truly felt blessed to have everyone there!! There was an awesome singer there all night playing guitar and singing, she was super talented. I ended up buying one of her cd’s because she was so good. Here are a bunch of pictures from the show as well as pictures of each of my pieces up there except 1 (one photographed terribly). The pictures aren’t the best but they will have to do until I take the show down and can scan and take better pictures of each one. They are a series of 11 pieces based on a story that Kev wrote me for our 1st wedding anniversary. Enjoy! (click the read more button below to see more pictures that aren’t shown)

eric was even there with us! (ones of my favorites of kevs)
this is what happens when grown-ups get the toys restaurants give to kids when then come. hehe

  1. these are so beautiful. i particularly like the one about running through a field.

  2. Lovely, you are so talented. And the dress looks gorgeous too!

  3. beautiful dress! congratulations to the both of you, the opening looked great!

  4. wonderful paintings!! congrats

  5. everything looks awesome – from the artwork to the dress. yes!

  6. these are awesome! i especially love the printmaking and middle of spring one! the typography and color palettes are so fun! congrats on the opening! and the dress is beautiful. it compliments the work so well!

  7. Everything looks great! I miss River Street and Brown’s so much. Congrats on the show!

  8. They look really nice. You did an awesome job! Do you make any pieces for sale?

  9. Hi. I have been following your site now for a few months via Darling Dexter and I have to say that your work here is excellent. I love your illistrations to the story and how you put them all together. Great job!


  10. Laura •

    AWESOME> I’m so sad i couldnt be there for you. It looks like it was really fun and all your work looks amazing. You got a lot done in such a short time! ps, your dress is amazing. Love you!

  11. these are so amazing! I wish I could have been there to see them in person!

  12. Congrats! Your work looks great!

  13. Jen, they are really aweome!!! The colors combo’s, the different sizes and fonts you used are so much fun. Great Job! Sorry Dad and I couldn’t make it to the opening, we’ll be out there sometime before the show ends.


  14. Hi Jen,
    These images look great. Tony F told me about the show, but too late for me to make it to the opening (probably couldn’t have anyway). Congrats to you and Kev. Seems like life is treating you well. Love the printmaking page!

  15. […] they open to local artists and participate in troy night out and open studio nights. Kev and me had an exhibit there together last […]

  16. […] The baby’s movements are much larger this week! Before it felt like little pokes and kicks and things but now when she moves its like I feel it across my entire stomach. Kev notices it too. It’s our nightly ritual to get into bed and then he usualy rubs my belly and talks to the baby. The other night he noticed as well how much bigger the movements are. hehe she growing! We are (well I am) a little nervous we are going to have big babies. Kev was 10.5 pounds when he was born. Yikes!! I dont want to give birth to no 10.5 pound little girl. hehe. So stay small but healthly little one! Today is a very special day. Instead of talking mostly about the baby I wanted to spend sometime talking about Kev. Today is out 6 year dating anniversary. Today 6 years ago we went on our first date. We had been friends for a little while before that and after a very life changing college senior year I finally gave into his cute smile and said yes to a date (dont judge but it was the same day that I broke up with a previous boyfriend. Hey, when you know you know right?) We went to see a band play called Silent Drive. That cd became the soundtrack of that summer. It was a very magical couple months. It was the last few weeks of college when classes are winding down, you are filled with excitement of graduation, starting your life and for us starting a new relationship. We stayed up late on adventures like everynight. Sneaking around so other college friends wouldn’t find out. We wanted it to be a secret. I seriously feel like it was a movie. They are some of my fondest memories. For our 1 year wedding anniversary Kev wrote me a little novel documenting these weeks. We read it together every year on this day. I also turned a lot of his book into artwork for my artshow show last year. Remember? […]

  17. I just linked to this from today’s post… Your artwork is beautiful! I love the layers of paint and pen & ink over other papers. Great stuff!

  18. […] of the old ones. Here are some owl paintings I did and also 1 piece from the series I did for my art show last […]

  19. wow these are GREAT!!!

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