Emma Watson

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan. I have never read the books, I do enjoy the movies but I am not crazy over it ( I am a Lord of the Rings kinda girl!) But when I saw Emma Watson’s pictures for the new August issue of Teen Vogue I was blown away. 1. she is not a little kid any more and 2. how beautiful!!! The outfits, the background, the mini ponies (have i ever talked about my obsession with mini ponies?) What a dream to be on a photoshoot like this and get to wear all these amazing clothes. I can’t stop looking at them…


p.s. the art show went amazing last night and I am finally done school!!! I will write all about it and have lots of pictures on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  1. ooooh. she is SO pretty. i’ve always thought that.
    the last one is incredible.

  2. Holy night!! I can’t get over how teeny tiny her waist is…especially in that first photo..amazing art direction in these shots.. too cool.

  3. OMG. Look at those CLOTHES! Soooo gorgeous. Those are the clothes I’d wear everyday if we lived in such a world. Not to mention, little Hermione is looking quite lovely.


  4. Those clothes are amazing! She looks great and how skinny does her waist look!! My favorite outfits are the 1st and 4th one… how beautiful.

  5. Oh I saw some of these on tumblr. The outfits are incredible and she looks beautiful!
    hehe I love mini ponies too. and donkeys….!

  6. Wowwie. These are great. Who knew she could be so fabulous?

  7. Wow! I agree, these pictures are amazing! That would be like my dream fashion shoot. The last picture is particularly divine.

  8. I’m a new reader just looking at your older entries and had to say 1. love your blog and 2. read Harry Potter. The first few books are for kids, but if you make it to the end (do it!) you’ll love all the characters like family.

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