So I am going to apologize now for the posts this week. I probably won’t get to every regular scheduled post this week but I will try my best. This week I am over whelmed with work that needs to get done. We hang our art show on Thursday night and I have so much more work that still needs to get done. I am freaking out a little because I can’t find the right clips I need to frame my work and am afraid of a long trip out to Worcester to find them.

School ends this week and that means finals for all classes, getting grades done by friday, passing in all curriculmn maps for my 5 classes, cleaning and organizing class room and tying up all loose ends before I leave for the summer on friday.

I also am trying to stay rested and run the last few runs I have before my half marathon on Sunday. haha which I know I am not going to do good at because of how busy this week is. oh well!

Don’t get me wrong. When I really think about what all this work is for its a super great week but I just need to get the work done first to appreciate it. I mean Friday is our First art show together ever- that’s awesome to me!! Friday is also the last day of school for the whole summer!! and on Sunday at my race my Mom, Dad, 2 Aunts and Uncle will be there to cheer me on. I never get to see them!!! So it’s all good and I will stop complaining. Just bear with me this week as far as posts go! hehe

I will show my new dress!! I ordered it from Modcloth and I just got it in the mail yesterday!! Its so freaking cute!! I had to make a small adjustment to the length because it was so short but its good now and I can’t wait to wear it on Friday to the opening!!!


  1. My beloved though somewhat sour art teacher in high school would never have worn anything so cute and, well, arty. Good luck!

  2. The dress is adorable, love the color. Good luck with everything this week!

  3. Hey Jen.

    Thanks for the comment and the compliments! I have to agree i would wear that! And I love your Jen loves Kev t-shirts! I totally want one! how cool would a custoizable lisa loves derrick be!!!


  4. Good luck for the art show. That is so exciting!

    And super cute dress! I would so love to order heaps of things from Modcloth, but I think working out the exchange rate would probably give me a heart attack!

  5. Oh, that dress is so pretty! I love it!

  6. I loved this dress when I first saw it on Modcloth! I can’t wait to see you wear it! Good luck on your art show and half marathon! I’ll be cheering for you, too! 🙂

  7. What a cute dress!
    Can’t wait to see how it looks on real life!
    Hope your busy busy week goes as smooth as possible, and wish you the best of luck with the marathon! 🙂

  8. Hey Jen! I bet this dress looks fabulous on you!! I cannot wait to see a picture!

    <3 Mandy

  9. OOoo ModCloth might be my new obsession.. ha ha such cute stuff! Bonne chance mon amie!! <3

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