Over the Weekend

So it was sort of a low key weekend. We had dinner with friends, a date night and I ran 12 miles which totally knocked me out for all of sunday. I am still hobbling around today.

I do want to say a little something about my Dad since yesterday was Fathers Day. My Mom and Dad are in Germany right now so I didn’t get to talk to my Dad yesterday but he is the best and smartest dad there is! I am totally convinced that he is the smartest person alive. My dad has always made the coolest things for us whether is was our awesome playground with the super fast slide, double sled tracks down our hill thru the trees and up to the railroad tracks, the rope swing or homemade ice skating rinks. I love you dad and am so proud of you and all your accomplishments!
My Dad and Me:



Did you know my Dad has 2 observatories that he build and not only that but built the Telescopes that are inside as well. One is in the backyard of my parents house and one is in New Mexico. He takes pictures with the telescopes and has won lots of awards, been in magazines and NASA photo of the day several times. He is one amazing Dad!!! You can look at his website here: Heavens Glory Observatory


  1. Whoa, neat! Your Dad rocks. My bf is a space nerd- he would flip to be able to have an observatory like that. 🙂

  2. Wow! Totally amazing pictures! Your dad has serious skills.

  3. amazing! im sure he is just as proud to have you as his daughter!

  4. awwww suz that is so sweet! thanks!

  5. Amazing pictures.

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