So because I had so much fun with the last giveaway- LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!! This time it will be for a journal I made a little while ago. It is seriously one of my favorite journals ever. It’s just so sweet and cute and adorable. The girl is cut out from a vintage sewing textbook I have and the buttons are a collection of new and vintage ones I have collected over the years. Its filled with a heavier weight drawing paper- perfect for sketches or writing. Your choice!


I always keep a journal in my purse because I never know when I am going to need to sketch something out or jot something down. Lately I have been filling it with lists of things I want to do this summer. A few things on there are… 1. go to the zoo 2. bike the entire railtrail 3. go to a bunch of art museums in NYC 4. Rollerblade along charles river 5. makes lots of stuff for etsy store etc…

What is on your summer list? To enter this giveraway leave a comment (with an email address) and let me know somethings you plan on doing this summer!!

The giveaway will go until Monday afternoon. Random.org will pick a number based on the number of comments left and will be annouced Monday evening. There will be 2 winners for this giveaway!!! The first number picked will win the journal AND A JENLOVESKEV T-SHIRT!!! and second t-shirt will be given to the second number picked!!! (t-shirt sizes available are womens small or medium). Have you seen the shirts?- I posted a picture in a previous post!!!

So go leave a comment and then go tell all your friends!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe you can even cross off something on your summerlist!

  1. Such a great idea Jen!

    This summer, I plan to:
    1) make time for old friends
    2) buy a bike and ride it up the westside highway bike path
    3) bbq at least once a week
    4) go to wisconsin with my bf, and go to Noah’s Ark, America’s Largest Waterpark
    5) get a tan
    6) find a new job
    7) spend as much time outside as possible!

  2. Hey Jen,
    I’m a big fan of the blog. Very nice work. I am going to post a link over her on twitter and
    facebook. Hopefully it will generate some traffic for you.
    BTW I loved the linoleum carvings for “500 miles”
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Lilly •


    This is adorable! Is it covered in fabric?

    Well my plans for the summer:
    1) Work
    2) Take at least 2 weekend road trips. Not sure where but anywhere away from NYC would be great!
    3) Hopefully have time to get my blog and etsy site up… It’s been in the works for a while.
    3) Learn how to play tennis ( i just bought a racket)
    4) Take pictures. I got an SLR for Christmas but haven’t had the time to fully learn how to use it.

    Love your site! Keep up the great work.


  4. JoJo Pierce •

    For the summer I plan on:
    1. Painting the house
    2. Finishing the dining room
    3. Paint the bedroom – Jen, I’d love some decor input if you’re up to it!
    4. Go to Cape Cod
    5. Get a dog
    6. Enjoy life near Lark St. and Washington Park!

  5. it is a patterned paper not fabric

  6. Jen!! love all your work!! hope all is well and life is treating you good!

  7. Sarah Dyer •

    Hey Jen I love the journal!
    This summer I would like to..
    1. See you and Kev! Please come up to visit!
    2. Go on a road trip with Will and Claire to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.
    3. Take more pictures.
    4. Spend some quality time crafting not just little moments between Claire’s naps.
    5. Get back into shape.
    6. Do something to our bedroom so it doesn’t look so boring.
    7. Have lots of picnics!

  8. milly •

    Enter me please…i love Journals, this one is soo pretty
    My plans for the summer: (besides from working)
    Visiting the museums & parks
    Relax more
    Enjoy being with the family
    Take some time for myself
    Take some Sewing Classes

    Thank you

  9. ali fain •

    I’m a new comer to your blog.
    I found you on Design*Sponge when you painted your bedroom and fell in love lol.

    My plans for this summer are:
    *move into a new house
    *have bbqs in new house
    *graduate from college
    *go canoeing and camping
    *start planning my wedding

  10. Amanda T. •

    I am new to reading your blog and I have to say it is absolutely lovely. I love your outfits and your cooking and just everything overall.

    So my summer “would love to do” list is as follows:

    1. Run a new trail every weekend from our local trail guide.
    2. Spend a day at the amusement park with my 10 year old brother (who has never ridden a roller coaster!)
    3. Visit my old college friends in the mountains of NC.
    4. Start working on my design portfolio and look for grad schools.
    5. Buy a new computer!
    6. Spend lazy afternoons at the lake with my dog Cash.
    7. Take a trip to Florence for my birthday (?)
    8. Thrift a piece of furniture and turn it into something lovely and useful (for the first time)
    9. Just relax a little…

  11. Hi Jen,

    I don’t know you. I got here from Billy’s post so you got at least a little more traffic. I love the journal above and I’m sure I would love other artwork by you.

    – Completely revamp my website & change the address to sdresser.com …..
    actually find someone who can create my website
    – Do a lot of outdoor adventures like hiking Mt. Monadnock & new places I’ve never been.
    – Connect with some wicked cool artists.
    – Get my artwork in a gallery somewhere or at least closer on the road to that.
    – Spend time with family and friends.
    – Visit friends I haven’t seen in a long while like Jojo and Billy & Colleen.
    – Find some sort of regular part time job.

  12. Emily T •

    I always keep a journal handy too! You never know what you might fine strolling about…
    A glimpse into my summer to-dos
    1. Spend a whole weekend with my mom cooking from new recipes.
    2. Take advantage of all of the free “music in ____ park” events around my city.
    3. Visit the farmer’s market every weekend I’m actually in town.
    4. Jam out at a summer music visit out in the sticks.
    5. Sit on my deck and sip cocktails with good friends.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Laura Blackstone •

    Jen! I miss you. But I feel like we are somewhat hanging out when I read your blog.
    My summer list involves
    Playing tennis
    Camping in BC
    surviving the ridiculous amount of weddings
    and baking orders

  14. Hi, I’m new to this blog and I adore it! It’s so full of inspiration and creativity! I love your work and your headbands!!!!
    I live in sunny Sicily, South of Italy, and my plans for the summer are:
    going everyday to the beach
    have lots of parties in my garden
    pick almonds
    ripe tomatoes and dry them in the sun
    try to find some more time to craft
    learn to take better pictures
    remake my work website

    Thanks for having such a great blog, it’s a delight to read it everyday!

  15. Jen, I love love love your blog!! I am planning on family trips lots of them, to the beach, camping, SanFransisco. Parks, picnics….all the important summer stuff!!!

  16. Love the journal!
    -I start camera classes in July with the new camera Steve bought me
    -I hope to enroll in some photography classes
    -I really hope to buy a bike if we can find a “baby” seat for Mike so I don’t have to push the stroller all the time!!
    -My sister, who lives in TX, will be visiting the last 2 weeks of July
    -We are moving on July 30th and I can’t wait to do some painting and find some cool storage “Shelving” or something since it is a smaller place and we have to down size!!

  17. Rebecca •

    Hey Jen,
    Great journal-love it!
    This summer, I plan to:
    1. Teach my 3 year old to swim
    2. Clean out the closests
    3. Read some back-to-school books to get ready for the fall
    4. Play, play, play!

  18. Margaret Leary •

    Things to do this summer:

    1. Move into new house… start working in garden and redecorating:)
    2. Spend a week with my family in Delaware.
    3. Hang out at the Holden Pool.
    4. Enjoy the sumer.
    5. Go to Maine for a couple of days with Sean:)

    BTW- I love the journal… I would love to see some of your other work. Do you have a website?

  19. Maureen •

    Long time reader, first time comment-er… 🙂
    My summer to-do’s:
    Finish my DIY project
    Summer reading list
    Visit friends
    Buy a bike
    Bake more
    Enjoy lesurely walks & lazy days

  20. My summer plans:
    -read all the books on my bed-side table
    -eat popsicles in the park
    -midnight picnics
    -learn to bike defensively in the city
    -build a sandcastle
    -see shooting stars

  21. I heat pretty paper products. My list of things to do this summer: READ, READ, and read some more, go to the beach as much as possible, visit my family for a couple weeks in Michigan, and try to relax before the firestorm that is teaching middle school begins again in August.

  22. What a beautiful journal!

  23. Love the journal! This summer I want to:
    1) Go swimming at the pool often.
    2) Make a hot dress for my hubby’s 10 year reunion.
    3) Do something creative every day!

  24. i also keep a journal with me in my purse wherever i go! This summer i’m going on vacation to Greece! I’m so excited. Other than that, i’m working (science research) everyday until then.

  25. sarahc •

    I too teach high school art so summer is MY time and I am going to:
    1. take road trips with my husband
    2. learn how to use my digital camera
    3. do my own artwork
    4. lots and lots of yoga.
    I enjoy your site- keep up the good work and enjoy your summer!

  26. Great journal! Bookbinding is rad!

    My summer plans:
    1. Catch up on reading. I’m a librarian, and I’ve been slacking.
    2. Bike to Elizabeth Park and back (18 miles)
    3. Lay around with my cat and give her mucho love.
    4. Get my boyfriend to eat more fruit and vegetables.
    5. Go to Florida with aforementioned boyfriend and visit awesome friends! Yay!

  27. I love summer. Here are my plans… just for next week when I am in Hawaii (which is like ULTIMATE summer):
    1. Go to Cafe Maharani
    2. See Jenni, Toby, the boys, and the “puppies”
    3. Get a turkey and cranberry sandwich at Kalapawai Market
    4. Wish Jen and Kev were with us!!!
    5. Eat lots of mochi, of course.

  28. Hey Jen! I just started following your blog, and I’m loving all the inspiration and art you have in your life! My summer is being consumed by working on my vegetable garden. Just planted some mint tonight. Thanks again for a neat blog.

  29. Oh yay! thanks for hosting a giveaway, really enjoying your blog!

  30. Your blog had become my need like my early morning Tea!!!
    Well summer is half over here in india… but technically monsoon also is summer so here goes

    1. Drab and the mundane
    – get in to rhythm of doing housework.
    – organize my home and get rid of the excesses.

    2. Work and hobbies
    – Finish up my 2 projects and line up at least 2 more
    – Set up my own etsy store selling the stuff i make
    – Make more new “upcycled” stuff
    – Blog more often

    3. Home
    – Paint the bedrooms
    – beautify the foyer

    4. Fun
    – Take up a yoga class
    – explore the countryside surrounding my home
    – learn to drive Alone (Yep… In india its a BIG thing)
    – picnic some place nice
    – Travel to WI and/or Sngapore to meet family.

  31. Erin A. •

    Hi Jen! This summer I want to see the ocean! It’s been a while. I took it for granted in MA 🙁

  32. Jamie H. •

    I love your blog so much!

    My to do list for the summer is:

    1. Get a job. Accomplished today!
    2. Make my future roomies find us a place before I go back to school.
    3. Figure out how to decorate said place in a way that the boys won’t call it too girly.
    4. Roadtrip with my best friend!

  33. Johanna J. •

    Love your blog, I check it at least once a week!

    This summer I’m flying literally around the world and roadtripping all over the U.S. with my family…it’s going to be CRAZY. Way too much time in airplanes and a van hahah 🙂

    Hope you have a great summer and check everything off your list!

  34. What a great journal..I would love to win it!! ( and a t-shirt cuz those are great too)!

    Let’s see my summer list includes:
    1. spending as much time as possible at the beach with my kiddos
    2.trying to exercise at least 4 times a week ( ie. running while pushing the kiddos..:-)
    3. taking Olivia on her first trip to the Getty museum
    4. redesigining and building our new back porch!

    Hope I win!!! 🙂

  35. -Planning on revamping a porch generally used for storage and transforming it with Carie’s help to a useful place for relationship building.
    -Going on vacation to Virginia beach and Cape Cod for a week each

  36. I’ve just discovered your blog and fell in love with it in about 1.5 seconds.

    Well I’m down in Oz so not sure if I can enter this little giveaway, but I’m taking the chance because this journal is exceptionally perfect for my sewing class notes 🙂

    And this Summer is a ways off (we’re in winter!!)… but I’m feeling all summery now after reading everyone’s comments. So it it ‘were’ summer… I’d be 1. spending time on the Esplanade close to home 2. taking my man out for ice-cream on the beach Sunday afternoons 3. be thinking about a Fall wardrobe and 4. walking my dogs in the cool of the evenings.


  37. Scarlett •

    Love the t-shirt!! I wish my hubby would be into that.

    This summer…
    1. Take a trip to New York and Vancouver
    2. Make a baby.

  38. I would have never thought to look in vintage sewing book for some cool images! I am a huge list maker… I make lists for everything, things to do. projects to work on, items to sew, things i want to buy some day when i have more money, dreams, goals, funny quotes, gifts for people, places to see. Usually my lists are on random scraps of paper, or often times, old receipts that are floating in my purse! Carrying something like this would certainly help!

  39. Ooh, I don’t know if people from other countries are qualified, but I’ll join anyway. I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I love your aesthetics 🙂

    To do for summer (although summer’s been over for about 3 months in the Philippines already)
    1. Go on a road trip with friends.
    2. Learn how to swim (yes, sadly, I don’t know how to)
    3. Finish that scrapbook my best friend and I started
    4. Go to the beach!
    5. Drink lots of fruit shakes!

  40. I’m also from Design*Sponge… and have to say that I am totally jealous you live in the Berkshires!! I went to UMass Amherst, and miss the beautiful scenery and space out there (not that Boston’s so bad).

    This summer, I want to:
    1. Re-organize my entire small apartment
    2. Get rid of lots of STUFF
    3. Figure out how to get my 25 yr old sewing machine to sew on jersey cotton without skipping stitches
    4. Finish two quilts
    5. Go shopping more regularly at vintage/Goodwill-type stores

  41. Erykah •

    Oh the lists I could make, but actually I would most likely use this as my notes for church and bible studies.
    My list would definetely include
    1. Read the bible more
    2. Be a better servent for christ
    3. Be a better wife.
    4. SERVE others rather than myself.
    5. stop shopping for at least a month!! i will need luck for that one.
    6. Enjoy much needed getaways with the hubby
    7.Take puppy on long walks
    8. Learn how to be wise with what the Lord has give me.

    I enjoy reading your blog!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  42. Ooooh fun! I’m over in the UK, so not sure if I can enter (although I love the journal!). My list would be:

    1. Visit a lion (ok, at the zoo not in the wild)
    2. Turn my tub of feathers and buttons into something pretty
    3. Make the perfect brownies, I’m pretty nearly there I reckon
    4. Avoid getting burnt and wear my nice new hat

    Thanks for a fun read Jen, I love the blog 🙂

  43. Emily •

    Ooh! I can’t pass this up!

    Top of my list is to frame antique doilies that Veau’s mom gave me
    2.Finish all of my little craft projects I’ve got going
    3.Clean out our apartment
    4.Have a garage sale
    5.Start working on my little documentry
    6.Plan the next trip to Massachusetts to see all of our dear friends and family!

  44. I am going to try to find a fast, cheap getaway for my hubby and I before baby #2 gets here! I’m thinking San Francisco . . .

  45. Krista •

    I plan on doing as many DIY projects I can fit into the summer and my busy life…full time mom, wife, holding down a full time job…
    The hubby, kids, and I are going to St. Marys, Georgia to visit my sis n hubby then I plan on taking as many “minnie” vacations as possible. I think back to when I was young and can’t remember many vacations or doing much with the family. I want my kids to remember fun times, always trying to find things to do at home that’s fun, but I want to discover with them new places, things to do to have a blast, hiking mountains that may never been hiked, riding bikes where others wouldn’t dare, fun things with my children, and the hubby. That’s my plans for the summer!!! Love your website…so much fun to read and look at!

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