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So if I lose steam on anything I start making there is a good chance I wont ever finish it. That’s why I always put pressure on myself by doing things last minute when they have to, have to get done. That’s the only way I get things done. Anyways, this project is sort of along those lines. I started making this book for Kev for our anniversary last year but didn’t get it done in time and I have not touched it since last year (ooops). I figure I better finish this stupid book for this anniversary because I worked so hard on it. Our wedding song that we walked around the Viking Lounge to was, The Proclaimers “500 Miles.” We both love that song, its just so fun and its also fun to turn it up real loud and dance around to it.

So since I love making books and printmaking, most of the things I make him consist of books and this one was no different. I decided to illustrate all the words to 500 Miles and turn it into an accordion style book. Each of the prints were carved into linoleum and then printed with white ink onto black paper. The covers were made out of black book cloth. I think over all I am really happy with it. The drawings are really different for me. I usually stick to more of a simple realistic person and objects but these turned into very stylized and cartoony people. It works though I guess. Its hard to continue to remember that what you carve gets printed backwards. You try carving all the lyrics to a song and not carve some words the wrong way. Haha. I have always had trouble with that- thats’s what I was know for in college. I have an entire etching I did about having your wisdom teeth out and every word I etched on that thing is backwards. DOH! Oh well. I’ll just say it adds charm.


  1. Laura •

    I didnt know that was your song! LOL – I love that song, it totally reminds me of like 5th grade. Silly. Your project for kev is AMAZING. I’m sure that took a lot of hard work. What a special gift. And good job keeping most of the letters the right way. I can’t wait to see the finished book.

  2. Laura •

    ps I love the one where he falls right down at your door. It’s really cute. He looks really exhausted.

  3. haha thanks.I know its such a one hit wonder song but its such a good song (in a funny way). I can’t wait to show you! Miss you!

  4. amazing!!!

  5. johanna •

    Hi Jen, your book looks fantastic! It looks like it was such hard work. Love that song, too!

  6. Awww so super cute!

    Hey Jen I’m not sure if you follow Weardrobe on Tumblr, but you were featured!


  7. i love these! they’re so cute!

  8. Jen, I so appreciate your persistence! I have a habit of starting things and never finishing, so I am inspired by your hard work. I love this book! Really sweet.

  9. eileen •

    This is marvelous. He’s lucky. You’re lucky. The effort you put in to appreciating each other is heart warming. Keep up the good work.

  10. megan •

    This is amazing!!!! Do you ever sell your work online?

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