A Few Things

So I don’t have a teacher style file for you this afternoon because honestly- its cold and rainy and I wore jeans, vans and a grey sweatshirt today to work. Where is our summer??

I do have some random pictures I want to share. So, have any of you been wondering what I got as a present in those CB2 boxes last week? I totally forgot to post a picture but, Laura sent me those 2 gray vases that I had talked about in a previous post!!!! She’s so sneeky!! I love them. They seriously could go anywhere in my house- I couldn’t decide where to put them I had so many choices. For now they are beside the TV…


So on Tuesday night we ended up going to eat at Firefly’s in Lenox, Mmmm I love that place. I ordered the Vegetable bean, corn stew with green chili cornbread. It was delicious…


and some GREAT NEWS… Kev designed and got printed Jenloveskev T-shirts for me as a surprise gift for our anniversary!!! Aren’t they cute???!?!?!? You can expect lots of good stuff coming your way with these shirts so stay tuned…


well I hope you are all enjoying your evenings and that its not pouring buckets where you are like it is here. I also just want to say thank you to everyone that reads this blog. You all have been super supportive and I really appreciate every comment you write. So, Thanks!!

  1. Love the shirts! What a great idea!

  2. Jenni •

    I LOVE the shirts!!

  3. great shirt! LOVE.
    (what a fantastic designer ya got there.)

    and i also LOVE the artwork above your t.v. (so great)

    and (last thing) it has been pouring absolute buckets here too! (for the past month) so i hear ya. seriously.

  4. Laura •

    They look great by the tv. I LOVE THE SHIRTS! That was really sweet of kev to do.

  5. we have the same color kitchen! (mine is called japanese fern by behr and i have loved it for three years.)

  6. Lilly •

    Great living room! The colors work wonderfully together. Also that t-shirt is adorable!

  7. Hey Thanks everyone for the comments about the shirt! You have 2 chances to win one this weekend if you leave a comment on that post.

    Japanese Fern is exactly the same color our kitchen is! Awesome!

  8. Okay, my kitchen is that color too! Except it’s Valspar’s Asparagus (simply because Lowe’s is closer than Home Depot).

    So, just wanted to say: I’m a new reader, and I’m smitten.

  9. first of all, very cute shirt. secondly, i LOVE the artwork on the wall behind the tv!!!

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