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So I will be doing my Over the Weekend post this afternoon but I have to run out first and go visit my friend in the hospital and see her new beautiful baby girl! Anyways, I do just want to tell you about my wonderful friends Jess + Rory and the amazing journey they are on right now. They left about a month ago on a cross the country road trip to document and experience the organic and sustainable farming/lifestyle movement. I totally admire what they are doing and their livejournal is a constant source of inspiration as they post breathtaking pictures from across our great country.

Jess wrote on her blog
“We’re taking off on a mass migration out west beginning May 11th to document the organic, sustainable and alternative lifestyle movement going on in the states. We plan to work on a bunch of organic farms and participate in some awesome workshops on sustainable living, eco houses and even blacksmithing! Mostly, we’re excited to meet and connect with people who are passionate, motivated and have refreshing ideas about alternative living. It’s definitely going to be a very personal journey but at the same time it can be used to inform others.”

Here are 2 super adorable pictures of Jess that I took from their livejournal. Please go and read their journal and send them some encouraging words!!! Like Jess’s headband? Its totally a jenloveskev creation!!! Jess was one of my first supporters and she has been spreading the jenloveskev word across the country!! Thanks Jess!!



p.s. I am totally in love with her Orange Hunter Rubber Boots. *swoon

  1. Jen – thanks so much for your support it means a lot to both Rory and myself. I hope to have a blog as lovely as yours one day (Rory will do his best hehe) <3 but in the meantime keep the inspiration coming!

  2. the images on Jess’s blog are beautiful, I especially love the ones taken in the tunnel. I love that headband too!

    Ps- thank you for your comment the other day!

  3. those pics are amazing.

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