Over the Weekend Pt. 1

We had a really nice weekend. Friday night we went out for a little date night and ate at a new restaurant in Lenox. I had maple glazed tofu with wild rice and roasted sweet potatoes. It was delicious. After we finished our dinner we actually moved from the restaurant into the bar because they had the Stanley Cup Finals on. We ordered dessert and watched the game at the bar.

Saturday was Matt and Kath’s wedding. We drove down to Fairfield University in CT for the ceremony and recpetion. We had a great time at the wedding. It was my first wedding with a real band at the reception and they were awesome!! Everyone was dancing- it was great.

Sunday we went to Wright’s Chicken Farm (It was my first experience) to meet Veau and Emily!!! They are our great friends who live in Sunny CA and we haven’t seen then in 3 years. It was so awesome to see them and hang out. A bunch of our friends were there (Jeff, Matt, Jared, Jacki, Veau and Emily)- we really had the best time hanging out with everyone. To bad Eric and Erin couldn’t have been there too!! After dinner we went to the VFW in Uxbridge for drinks and to hang out- it was super super ghetto and hilarious there. I mean it was Sunday afternoon practically. Emily and me are now going to make Leather vests with patches on them so we can fit in next time!!

Here are some pictures from the VFW…


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE wright’s! I haven’t been there in ages, and I keep telling my husband we need to take a trip down so he can experience it for himself.

  2. amanda •

    wright’s farm is the best! i love the gift shop. although i always feel awkward when i go there because the place is always packed and everyone is seated so close to each other. i’m a big fan of personal space, and i feel like you don’t really get that there. but the food is worth it. it’s so good.

  3. Erin A. •

    Aww we wish we could have been there too! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  4. Jeff R •

    it would have been great to have the whole crew there… E&E, you were missed!

  5. Emily •

    E & E were definitely missed! Me and Veau are sad to be home! I loved every second of it!!! Thank you so much for making the trek out to Wright’s!!! Ok, next trip we decorate Biker Vests so we can better fit in at the VFW. Oh and I’m totally gonna dance with VFW Santa Clause next time too! 😉 Love all you guys!!!

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