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Well its finally the weekend!! Its been a long week! I am going to make this sort of fast because I am off to meet my love for a date at this new amazing restaurant in Lenox. Mmmmmm
Anyways, I got a package delivered to the house today- it was in a big CB2 box!!!! I opened it up to find out that is was an anniversary present from my dear dear best friend Laura. I love her!! Anyways its amazing and I love it and it totally brightened my day!
I leave you this weekend with some pictures and alittle guessing game of what was in the box…. Ill post what it was and where I put them on Monday. Any guesses?
oooo p.s it is something for “Around the house”…



  1. By the way, big congrats on the Design Sponge post today! How exciting!! You totally deserve it — you did an amazing job with that room.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Laura •

    Oh cool! I’m glad you got it. xoxo Have a great weekend. It’s been raining here for like over a week. Today might actually be a nice day! Maybe a park day. Anyway – ttyl

  3. Hey – have you divulged what was in the package yet? Maybe I missed it!

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