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So there are 12 days until Kev and me have to hang our art show! Yikes!! Here are some sneak peaks at what I have been working on all week. It is going to be a series of 10 paintings based around this little novel kev wrote me for our first wedding anniversary. I am really happy with how they are coming out. I feel like it really represents me and what I like in art right at this moment in my life. I will show all 10 of them as full images the week we hang the show but until then you just get little snip its…





  1. These are great! I love collage-y mixed media type pieces. Where are you showing?

  2. Those are so neat! I love the colors and the water color/ink drawings. You are good!

  3. wow. very impressed. pure talent.

  4. Great work!! I like the 3rd painting..

  5. whoa!

  6. i cant wait to see the full set.

  7. You have made some beautiful watercolors! Love it. I just found your blog, and can’t wait to look around more! 🙂

  8. Hey Jen! So, I saw Jenni again this weekend, and we both said we are SO glad we met you before you got famous! You can be our claim to fame, right?!? The blog on your bedroom is amazing, love that word is getting out on your headbands and creations, and geez… I miss you!

  9. Thanks everyone- I cant wait to show everyone all the pictures completely finished!!!

  10. Lilly •

    This looks great! You work is awesome and I love the colors.

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