Our New Bedroom

So here are the pictures of our new bedroom. I am totally in love with it. On Sunday after my run I had just taken a shower and I put on some comfy clothes and I crawled into our bed and I turned on our new ihome and I just laid there and listened to music. It felt so good the shades were down just alittle but the windows were open and this super nice breeze was coming thru. My legs were so tired and it was just so calming being in that room lying down. Our bed is awesome and the color of the walls are awesome and I just really love every part of it (I would maybe just want the room to be bigger but thats the only thing I would change.) If you want to read more about the details of the room click the “Read More” buttom below.





The walls use to be blue, we had a mattress on the floor and we had one black dresser in there that came from Kev’s bedroom at his parents house. My mom came to help me and we (she) spackled the heck out of the walls. I mean they are 100 years old! There is what I can only assume paint on top of wallpaper on top of plaster. Lots of cracks. Anyways when we steped back we knew hand sanding would be to much of a task. So we got a new electric hand sander. Now my mom sanded the walls but we didnt close the door to the room and lets just say that after sanding every part of those walls the entire house was covered with dust. It got tracked everywhere.

I drew out my birch trees and then scanned it into the computer and printed it out on an acetate. I then used an overhead and projected it up on to the wall so that I could trace from my drawing. I painted the birch trees just a few shades lighter than the wall. I didnt really want it to be in your face but just sort of there.

We painted the trim a nice bright white and onto building furniture we went. My budget doesnt allow me to go anywhere other than ikea to get the look I want, but you know what I am ok with that. I know there is all kinds of debate out there on having ikea furniture but if it works for you and you can make it your own than go for it! I got the bed frame, picture shelves, glass night stands and the 2 dressers from ikea. Now some people don’t enjoy putting together ikea furniture but I love it! I love puzzles and thats exactly what it is- a 3d puzzle of different pieces. Everything went together really easy. My mom helped me with the bed but other than that I put everything else together myself.

I went with neutrals for the furniture. I liked the cream colored bed with white linens mixed with the birch dressers. I left the colors to the pictures in the frames and the little hints of purple and mustard around the room. I did decide to paint our faux fireplace the same purple as our coverlet. We got the firepalce for christmas from Kev’s parents and its so awesome- I love having it!! It cracks me up, but I wouldnt want it anywhere else other than our bedroom. I think it looks great purple!!

On the shelves are pictures and artwork that have to do with Kev and me somehow- plus a few of the handmade books we have made each other over the years. I still need to get one more night stand. They only had the one in stock last time I was there. The accesories are from a handful of places like ikea, Walmart, Target, Homegoods and TJ Max. Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!









  1. This looks fantastic- you did a really beautiful job! I can understand why Kev was so impressed!!
    I love my talented friend!

  2. amanda •

    jen it looks awesome! i absolutely love it! we both have the same taste when it comes to interior design. hopefully when i buy my house some day you can help me decorate it! but until that day, i will continue to drool over your house.

    and it looks like pirate and gully are enjoying the room as much as you are!

  3. Your room looks great! I love the simplicity of the grey & white, but also like the purple & mustard punches too! So unique!

  4. I love it! The little pops of yellow are the best part.

  5. looks awesome!! will you come to my house next?

  6. Love it! Simple, clean, yet beautiful! No clutter is what makes it best! Less is more!

  7. Thanks for all the feed back guys!

  8. Oh my gosh. It looks amazing. I love the color combo and I cannot believe you did the trees by hand. It looks like wallpaper. Really expensive wallpaper.

  9. Jen, the fireplace is really sweet purple – I love it!!! Sorry about dust, I’ll know better next time. It was a fun project and I’m glad you were able to do it and surprise Kev and that really he loves it! Pictures are awesome.

  10. this room should be in a home mag!
    you should totally submit it….um, somewhere!
    good job miss 🙂

  11. You and Kev never stop amazing me with your talent and vision. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE for you to decorate my apt!

  12. ah! the birch trees are amazing! my favorite tree.

  13. Your bedroom is very, very beautiful. Lovely grey and white.

  14. It’s beautiful!

  15. Hi Jen, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love it, you are very creative! Your room looks amazing, I really like the trees, what a good idea to project a drawing onto the wall! It makes me want to get out a paintbrush…


    not much more to say than i love it to death!

    you are beyond talented! i LOVE it!

  17. Laura •

    The wall looks so sweet! It is totally you guys! Great job. 🙂

  18. I really love the birch tree motif! I fell in love with this wallpaper that had birch trees on it awhile ago and this looks like a good cheaper version. I also love that your kitties match your decor!

  19. I just realized that even Pirate and Gully match your new bedroom!! you’re so slick!

  20. WOW! Looks fantastic. The wall behind the bed looks amazing.

  21. A big THANK YOU to everyone for all the compliments!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

  22. I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this! it’s my fave before and after that i’ve seen on d*s for a long time. so beautiful.

  23. This is really, really, nice. It looks put together, but still so genuinely personal. I’m impressed and inspired! I have a wall in my living room that I just can’t figure out what to do with. Maybe a mural . . .

  24. This is totally amazing! I love what you did. You’ve given me some great ideas to dress up my bedroom a little more. Thanks!

  25. It’s funny that I would stumble upon the post from Design Sponge today because I was just telling my friend that I want to do a graphic on our dining room wall similar to how you did the birch trees. They look absolutely fantastic!!!!! I also love how you did the shelving on the wall and arranged the items for display. Gorgeous!

  26. What a lovely lovely surprise! Now THAT’s an act of love. And your mom helped! It’s beautiful. My husband is named Kevin, too, and we’ve lived in our London flat for longer than I can admit – we’ve owned it for over two years (& rented it prior) and so far all I’ve done is paint some of the floors white. But he was so proud of me! If only I could get him to go somewhere for two weeks without me, imagine what surprises I could do.. I love the Birch trees especially. Beautiful job, I can just imagine how wonderful and new it must feel to return there from a run. Well done!

  27. Like everyone else I think the mural is inspired.
    And the romance is lovely, too!
    I also think there is a lesson about doing a job properly. Patching and sanding the walls was not a glamorous part of the job but it seems like it was needed to get the nice peaceful room you wanted.
    Well done!

  28. I can’t stop looking at these! You did an absolutely wonderful job. Congrats on the Design*Sponge feature, too!

  29. Marie •

    I would love to know where you got the purple pom pom looking things that are in the white vase. The room looks great!

  30. This is beautiful. I already commented on d*s but I had to come to your site as well. Did you paint your wall grey and THEN paint the mural on top of it? That’s the only way I figure it can be done but I couldn’t tell from the pic. It is such a calming bedroom- just what it should be!

  31. How amazingly beautiful and unique. I would love waking up there!

  32. This bedroom is AMAZING! I’m freaking out over those curtains–where did you get them? I’m echoing everyone elses thoughts too–you did such a great job!

  33. this room is AMAZING! also love that you did it on a budget, oh ikea, how i love you! seriously, i love everything you did with it!

    wonderful job!

  34. It is so beautiful! You know I think being on a tight budget can often be a blessing – it forces us to be the creative, inovative and eco freindly people we want to be! Well done.

  35. beautiful! and i love that bedside table!

  36. Harmony – The curtains are “Ofelia Blad” from Ikea:

  37. Wow! This transformation is incredible. Your trees are too good to be true.

  38. Amazing Transformation! Love the color choices (especially the grey and purple colors) Your furniture looks fabulous. Love, love the curtains. Are they from Ikea also?

  39. robbie •

    the room is so beautiful, i love the birch trees, i love,love,love it great job!
    Love Robbie

  40. I LOVE this and being brand new BROKE homeowners I was so excited to see something FANTASTIC on a budget. I just wondering would you be willing to share your birch tree drawing scan? I would love to do something like this but I can’t draw worth anything. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  41. Awesome Job! i saw it on design*sponge and had to check out your blog. The room looks fantastic, but nice work all around on everything else in the blog…. i am now offically a fan of you 🙂

  42. this project is wonderful!!!

  43. This is so lovely, I posted it on my Facebook page!


  44. ds in east Texas •

    I commented on design*sponge, but had to see what else you have been up to. This bedroom is just so comforting and restful

  45. Abbey •

    This bedroom looks a-maz-ing! It has inspired me to some more around the house. And I will be visiting you site everyday to see what wonderful ideas you have!! Thanks for sharing it with d*s and can’t wait to see what you will do next!

  46. Stunning.
    Great job making a TV look good!

  47. Rashmi •

    I love the colors. You have created a truly peaceful and restful place. Congratulations.
    You have inspired me to spruce up areas in my home as well.
    take care
    Bangalore, India

  48. PAULA •

    I love the grey paint. What is the name of it?

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  50. Oh! My~~~~You are so good!
    A very very very good job!!! (^_^)b

  51. Lilly •

    One word…. AMAZING!!!
    This looks great and I soo wish it was my room lol.

  52. milly •

    Lovely…clean and paceful

  53. love it jen!!

  54. I adore your room! Might you be able to tell me where you purchased your coverlet? I have been on the hunt for a nice purple for ages.

    Thanks! Erin

  55. http://givingmyallforyou.blogspot.com/2009/06/mira-es-un-pollito.html

    So…I am totally in love with your new room as well. Very well done! I look forward to reading more…

  56. Katie •

    This is gorgeous! anyway you’d be interested in sharing the drawing/scanned image you did for your trees? Its so perfect… 🙂

  57. Katie •

    oop, found it!! thanks!

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  59. You did an amazing job
    Very inspiring!

  60. Emily S. •

    Awesome work Jen! Can you share the file so I can copycat you?? pretty please with whipped cream and cherries and whatever else you’d want on top!!

  61. Emily S. •

    lol… just found it on Etsy! Thanks!!

  62. Absolutely amazing job! Love your colors and trees!

  63. I have been wanting to do something like this in the master bedroom in our new house, but was unsure about how to go about doing the trees. Yours turned out so awesome that I just bought your image today. Hopefully mine will turn out almost as good.

  64. I love the wall! You did a great job! 🙂

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