Over the Weekend…

I just have to say we had an awesome weekend. Although we never made it to the Renegade Craft Fair the weather was just perfect and we got BRAND NEW BIKES!!! YAY!!!! hehe we decided to splurge and get some new bikes and call them an anniversary present!!! We rode bikes all weekend- to get ice cream, to go to sunday morning breakfast and even some late night bike rides. I felt like a teen again. I love my new bike! I even put my Canadian flag sticker on it that I have been saving for forever!!




I also started working hard on my art show pieces. I totally changed my mind last minute and started something completely different. I know I am pressed for time but that’s how I work best. I sat down Friday night because Kev was staying in Albany and got to work, but not with out some nerves and a major spill. I totally spilled an entire new bottle of india ink all over the wood floor. Whoops.




We also had some awesome BBQ food!! We made teriyaki grilled tofu, peppers, zucchini and potatoes that were so delicious!! (Kev had steak of course)


This is me before I had to run 10 miles. I was sort of dreading it- plus the time has come that the belt must come along too- although I feel so stupid wearing it. Its like my jet pack. haha


  1. Jenni •

    you go girl!!! I’m so proud of you….10 miles is A LOT!!

  2. amanda •

    awww jen! i love the belt!!!

  3. Jenni- thanks lady! Its never as fun as when we got to do long runs. For some reason I always remember running our last run before the aloha run it was you, me, kev and stroller running in and out and all those streets.

    Amanada- haha thank you! As stupid as I think it looks its so helpful to carry my gel, cellphone( in case something happens and I am 10 miles away from home) , ipod and gatorade. Haha its like my super hero belt of tools.

  4. Great bike riding looks! Makes me wish for my bike… 🙂

  5. amanda •

    hahahahaha! you know…just remember, that some people see you running with the belt and say, “i need to get one of those! why didn’t i think of that?!” i wish i could run. my asthma holds me back though. but if i didn’t have asthma, i would totally get one of those belts for running!

  6. Laura •

    You go girl! I love the cool belt. I couldn’t run w/out water. What am I talking about, I bought a new pair of running shoes over a month ago and they’re still in the box. :-/ It’s a start though. Nice Bikes! That’ll be one of the first thing I get once I get a house. With a little seat on the back for the baby! Glad to see you’re doing well and having fun! Miss you!

  7. Laura •

    ps – just read your other comments – “super hero belt” – that’s funny. What will your super hero name be…. ??

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