Id Wear That…

I am totally in love with this outfit. I usually make up my own outfit for my I’d Wear That…” but as I was searching around for stuff today, I found and started drooling over this picture on Urban Outfitters. The outfit is pure perfection to me- the super casualness of the shorts with the contrast of this more dressed up blouse, a simple silver braclet, these amazing sandals and then top it off with a messy bun. You can’t get any better!


Jean Shorts: Urban Outfitters $48
Ruffle Tank: Urban Outfitters $88
Sandals: DSW $44.65

P.S. If you need help putting together an outfit for an event or something let me make into an “I’d Wear That…”!!!! Send me an email at

  1. I love this, especially the hair. Too bad it’s my hubby who has the red strands instead of me.

  2. I know the hair is beautiful and the color is just amazing!

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