Teacher Style Files 6.02.09

Today will also be a double style file because after school I came home, changed and headed out again for some dinner and drinks with friends at The Standard in Albany. Mmmm delicious homemade Veggie burger!!


Pink Lace Shirt: Forever 21 $15
Brown Pencil Skirt: Amy Hand-me-down
Brown Flats: Amy Hand-me-down (I guess I owe amy for this outfit)


Headband: A Jenloveskev Creation
Tee: Walmart $5
Vest: TJ Max (Express) $5
Shorts: Banana Republic $25
Tights: TJ Max (Betsey Johnson) $6
Flats: Dollhouse $20
Purse: Volcom $? It was a gift from Kev from Maui. He did a great job huh? He’s so sweet!

  1. He really DID do a great job! I love that purse, a lot.

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