Teacher Style Files 6.01.09


Can you believe its June already- crazy!

Cardigan: NYC&CO $10
Tee: Walmart $5
Necklace: Forever 21 $5
Jeans: Gap $50
Gold Sandals: Target $15

  1. I love these shoes!!! I have the same ones from last year (so last season, haha), and I want to get a new pair. Did you get them this year at Target? I must go!!! By the way, do you watch the Bachelor? I can’t help myself. I know it is a lame show, but I am just addicted. There are so many weird guys on this season. Some good ones though…

  2. i seriously love every “teacher style files” outfit!

  3. Hilary- hehe mine are “so last season” I got them last year too. I haven’t seen ones like them this year there but I am hoping!! and no I havent been watching the bachelorette. I want to though- I loved Jillian! I’ll have to catch up online! Hope Hawaii was wonderful!

    Leni- Thank you!!

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