Over the Weekend

I just have to say we had such a great weekend! It was so wonderful to have Kev back!!! I chaperoned prom on friday night and the decorations came out great. We had an “Evening in Central Park” them going on. I made all the table cards and the party crackers and I think it all tied into the theme quite nicely. I love that we found little park benches for the name cards. The buildings looked awesome with the lights in them!!



Saturday Kev and me enjoyed the beautiful weather and the beauty of the berkshires and went roller blading along the rail trail (haha yes roller blading is nerdy but its also fun!). When we were driving into the parking lot Kev goes “well arent those ducks patriotic” there were 2 ducks on someone’s lawn that were super red white and blue dressed. I thought it was so funny the way he said it I couldnt stop laughing. We then saw some other non patriotic ducks while we were roller blading that Kev yelled at to get out of the country if they didnt like living here. (haha sorry maybe only funny to me) That night we went over to see Erin and Mikes new kitchen and new bathroom- they looked awesome!!! We had a good night of food, drinks, outside fires, and friends. We are all looking forward to our vacation together in July to the Outbanks in NC.






rail trail

Sunday was a lazyish day- Church, Lunch, nap and then he went to the gym and I ran 9 miles and then I’ll admit it I watched the Hills season Finale. How setup is that show? Geez. Like that girl really just showed up and happened to sit right next to Justin at the wedding. Oh well I’ll continue to watch and I don’t know why? hehe

  1. My prom was not even close to as fancy as that. It looks awesome.

  2. hehe you should see the “walk in” too the entire town comes out to see these kids arrive in their limos, fire trucks, navigators and hot rod cars and as they get out they get announced in like… “arriving now is jen lula and kevin richardson.” Its crazy- like nothing you have seen before!! Haha I guess you can see its a small town and there isn’t much else going on.

  3. hahaha, I found the non-patriotic ducks funny!

  4. Wow! That prom came out amazing! I absolutely love the decor.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth!

  6. I love your pink sunglasses. One of my friends directed me to your blog. She said you were an art teacher and liked to blog about fashion, food, and interiors. Just like me!

  7. Taumi- Sounds like we have a lot in common then! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll continue to read.

  8. your patriotic ducks exchange was SO FUNNY!!!! it totally reminded me of something my boyfriend and I would say… so yeah, you made me crack up out loud at work, and my job’s not funny. 😛

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