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So today I am sharing with you some artwork that I did for the Band The Restless Age. I posted the original drawing/painting a little while ago on my old blog but with new readers and the actual cd in hand now, I wanted to share the scanned verison of the cd. It came out great huh? It was a group effort- Me artwork, Kev laid out the whole thing and of course the oh so talented Joel made the amazing music that is on the cd. We miss you guys!

I used a mix of collage elements (sheet music and paper scraps) with pen and ink and watercolor.



  1. this looks great!!! i really dig the face of the actual cd, how the art works on there is fabulous!

  2. That’s awesome. I love how you cut the sheet music in straight strips so it kind of looks intact, but it’s really not.

  3. Gosh, you are talented. It looks amazing!

  4. Thanks everyone! i was really happy how everything came out!

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