Teacher Style Files 5.27.09

So I’ll admit it was one of “those days” today. Its cold and raining and I haven’t seen Kev in almost 2 weeks and I am just tired. I didnt even put in my contacts today. Sorry for the bad pictures lately. Kev took all his camera equipment with him to Maui which left me with just the on camera flash. They’ll be better again soon. The shirt I am wearing is actually really cute but you can’t tell from this picture. It’s a silk cami that is black with white polka dots.


Cardigan: Forever 21 $4.99 (on sale)
Polka Dotted Cami: NYC&CO $12
Jeans: Guess $90
Cuff: Gap (see previous Style File)
Flats: Steve Madden $40 (can you tell I like these shoes?)

  1. This is a cute outfit, but you look sad in the photo. Probably because I’m not around… SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!

  2. I know- I hate this picture… I tired to take a better one but it just wasn’t happening. Come Home to me!

  3. amanda •

    you guys are too cute.

    jen, i’m having one of those days too. you’re not alone!

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