Last Nights Dinner

So as I posted earlier with Kev being gone I haven’t been eating all that well. I have had pasta like 6 nights in a row. Finally last night my body said enough- it was craving some sort of vegetable. I went to the grocery store and bought like tons of fresh veggies and made one huge freakin’ salad. It was delicious with almonds, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, and cranberries. Mmmm I also bought some fresh bread and made a little dipping sauce with olive oil and some spices. To top off the great dinner I had one of Jon’ s Microbrews of the month he left behind from our last BBQ. Sorry no recipe this week just me and my veggie salad…


I also treated myself to some coconut gelato with some fresh strawberries and rasberries. Mmmmm

  1. Laura •

    Yum!!! Glad to see you’re eating your veggies. Hows the big top secret project coming along?

  2. That looks like something fom a resturant. Make me one!! Pleeeease…

  3. looks delicious!

  4. Sometimes I think salads are just the best dinner- I know Laura would agree- huh?
    oooh and the secret project is coming along AMAZING!! I cant wait to show everyone!

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