Memorial Day Style File 5.25.09

So I don’t have school today but here is what I think the prefect Memorial Day outfit is…


So I got that Old Navy gift card in the mail and this outfit is what I purchased with it.
Cute huh?

  1. love that top.

  2. love those sandals! & love your site!
    (were those sandals from old navy too? gotta have ’em.)

  3. @Brittni- thank you! The top is light weight and a linen material so its perfect for summer!

    @Geri- the sandals are from old navy as well- they are in the clearance section so go get some soon!!

  4. Oh! Almost bought that top but went with two strappy tanks instead. Cute!

  5. i have those sandals in gray! i love them in yellow, too…

  6. to erin: gray- for some reason I thought you had them in turquoise. I really liked the gray ones too- I actually was deciding between those two. Yellow won out though…

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