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Today’s Around the House is about one of my bestest friends Erin. They are currently redoing somethings in their lovely home and we have been talking back and forth about some ideas for their downstairs bathroom. It currently has dark wood trim and a beige counter top and toliet. Erin and Mike picked out a greenish color from Benjamin Moore called Desert Green that they are going to paint the walls. They want to leave the trim the way it is and they are going to paint the vanity a color (also from BM) called Black Bean Soup- which by the way is amazing color name. Mmmm I love black bean soup but that is getting off topic, sorry! Erin also said she wanted to get some terra cotta colored towels. What a nice accent color! Anyways, this is what I was thinking. I think it looks great all together- very modern and classic all at the same time. I love floating shelves! and all the white pottery keeps it neutral but elegant. I would roll up facecloths and put them in that basket and I would just go with a nice white shower curtain. What do you all think?


  1. This looks amazing!! beautiful vases- where are the pretty glazed ones from? i can’t wait to use these ideas in my new bathroom!

  2. Laura •

    Looks nice. Black bean soup does sound like a yummy color. I like the mix of warm and cool colors. Can’t wait till I get my house so you can help me “around the house”.

  3. just discovered your site and wanted to let you know that i love it!

  4. the vases I found online at bed bath and beyond!! So pretty huh? The other tall vase and then the small little ones on the shelf are from ikea. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  5. @leni- Thank you for stopping by I hope you keep reading!

  6. Oh I love paint colour names.
    Resene has brilliant ones. Its always so tempting just to pick the ones with pretty names.

  7. haha I want to know who is sitting around making up names for colors? All I know is that they had black bean soup for lunch that day!

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