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So today, 3 years ago Kev and me got engaged and decided we would be moving to hawaii. Crazy how time goes by!! haha what a amazing night that was. It was a Monday and my sister’s wedding had been the night before. A whole bunch of my Aunts and Uncles and cousins and my nana were staying at my house. My extended family all lives in Canada so it was a moment that if I had thought about I would say they wouldnt have normally been there for it but they were and it was amazing. I had had a phone interview on the Friday before with a school in Hawaii and they offered me the job and said I had till Tuesday to decide. I didn’t tell anyone other than Kev- it was Carries (sister) weekend and I didn’t want to ruin that- but by sunday night I was bursting!! So as soon as the wedding was over and we were all back at the house I spilt the beans to my parents. The next day we had a little “family meeting” with my parents and Kev’s parents to talk about whether we thought we would be able to afford to just pick up and leave and make it out in hawaii. We already knew we wanted to get married we were just waiting for the right time and here it was- so that night we decided with everyone there we were going to get married and move in 3 weeks. The next day we went and picked out a ring and when it was done a few days later we went to “our spot” in Framingham by the bridge and we formally got engaged. It was not your conventional engagement but if you know us at all you wouldn’t expect anything less- it was pure perfection to me!

Kev is currently in Maui on a business trip. He has been gone for a week already and is still gone for 1 more. It has been extremely tough and I am very upset thinking about another week without him. We have never been apart this long. He completes me and makes me feel whole, so when he is not here its very sad. I miss him!! I want to hear him laugh and I want to take our hooded sweatshirt walks holding hands and get ice cream!! Come home soon!! I love you! hehe ooops that turned more into a note to him at the end.


Anyways For those of you that actually read thru this super long winded note I wanted to just finish up in a completely different direction and let you know some plans for jenloveskev…

1. add a previous entries button at the bottom so you can look back at older post easier than having to click thru the archive.

2. Add all my wedding invitations to my etsy account. Do you know anyone getting married? Send them my way if they want some beautiful and creative handmade invites.

3. Add our wedding photos

4. Add photos from around our house

  1. Oh what a cute story, I love sweet little engagement / wedding stories!

  2. hehe thanks!

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