Teacher Style Files 5.21.09


So first let me just apologize for the lack of teacher style files. Kev has been gone since last friday and lets just say I am all thrown out of whack. My days have been super busy till today because my school art show for all the kids was last night. There was endless work that needed to get done and plus my mom was here visiting and that was just more important. But I am back…

So I wore the skirt I made over the weekend and lets just say I have never received so many compliments from people. Everyone loved my skirt- which made me love it even more!! Its just so bright and bold!

Sunglasses: France $8 euros
Necklace: Kohls (Simply Vera by Vera Wang) $3
Tee: Walmart $5
Skirt: Priceless (ha)
Flats: Steve Madden $40
Hat: Forever 21 $12

  1. I’m in love with your skirt and really want to make one.
    But I recently made a multicoloured polka dot pleated one…
    hmm how many polka dot skirts can one girl have?

  2. very cute, the skirt makes the outfit pop!

  3. @Hannah- Thank you!

    @Piglet- I think the answer is NO a girl can never have to many polka dotted skirts!

  4. Your skirt looks great! It was alot of fun for me watching you and Laura working together again and seeing it from start to finish- good job! 🙂

  5. Beautiful skirt, my dear!!

    By the way, you are getting very good at your model poses!

  6. haha you know me the next top model… I’d rather be on project runway or better yet the amazing race!!!

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