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So instead of sharing something I made today, I wanted to share some photos from my students work. We had our annual LMHS Art Show the other night. It went really well and I really enjoy seeing all the kids so excited about their work and the fact that other people are there to see it (they are so sute about it!!). It took me about 3 days to get ready and get it all hung and presented nicely and we just took it down in about 20 mins. ugh! haha its sort of like Thanksgiving, you cook all day and then everyone eats it in like 10 mins. Oh well it was great! Check out all the picture by click the “Read More” button below…

These were poster designed by my graphic design class for the art show










  1. Laura •

    Very nice Miss. Lula! You must have been very proud of all your students. You should be proud of yourself too – looks like you had a lot of fun project ideas. Glad that it went well for you.

  2. Everything looks great! Congratulations on the success of the show. Your student’s are so talented. Love the mix of 2D and 3D.

  3. @laura Thank you my dear! It was a lot of hard work but it went really good!
    @Brittni- Thanks the kids worked really hard all year. The show is a mix of 6 different classes so there was alot of different mediums to showcase!

  4. Jen! The show looks awesome, nice job!
    So funny how much has changed since my times at Lee… honestly, I’m a bit jealous… we always had our show down at the library, and… a GRAPHIC DESIGN CLASS?! no way! I’m glad to see the classes and such progressing to offer more varieties of things, and the students producing fantastic work! :: high five! ::

  5. @Laura- yeah I decided last year I wanted it at the school because it gets seen more by the kids and faculty. The grahic design class is great- its in its second year. This year I got to add a mixed media class!! Its hard with such a small school but I’m working on it…

  6. @Jen @Me : Fantastic idea! especially with the way the building is now, there is a lot more light and good stuff like that around, I hope the rest of the students and faculty got to see the whole show. Really awesome to see the varied subjects, seriously! So so much has happened in the 7 years I’ve been gone, wow. keep it up!

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