Id Wear That

So today’s I’d Wear That… is in inspired by the fact that a marketing rep from Old Navy contacted me a while ago and sent me a gift card to use there. It was a very nice thing to do and I am very appreciative. I love Old Navy! They are perfect for all the essentials and their prices totally fit into my teacher budget. Here are some must haves I think from Old Navy right now. I might just go snatch them all up!! I love all the bright summer colors!

idwearoldnavy copy

  1. how did a marketing rep contact you? thats awesome!!!

  2. They just sent me an email. I don’t know how they found me or my website but I was pretty excited!!

  3. amanda •

    jen! that’s awesome!

  4. Erin A. •

    That’s so cool!! Whatever their strategy might be it worked because now I’m going to go there and see if I can find some of the things you picked out.

  5. haha I guess their secret plan is working then. I mean I will probably spend more then they gave me so I guess its worth it to them to send a gift card to me. DOh! I am falling into their trap…

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