Over the Weekend

So it’s monday again and I am counting down the days till the seniors are done with school- 9 days!! After they are gone I will have 1 less class during the day and most of my classes enrollment numbers drop by at least 50% OH YEAH!!!

So this weekend Laura came to visit and we had a great great time. We went into boston first- it was nice to be back.I havent been to Boston in a long time and I miss being there. I love just wondering around looking at everything. We had the most amazing dinner at a restaurant on Boylston St. on an out door patio. Mmmm it was delicious!! Then on Sat. we went to Brimfield. We walked around for a couple hours looking at all the antiques trying to find some great treasures. Usually when I go I have an idea of what I am trying to find. This time I didnt have anything set I was looking for and I ended up not getting anything. Oh well. It was still fun to browse. Laura and me then spent the rest of the day trying to find a fabric store. Since when does Walmart not have fabric???!?!?!? We bought a pattern, some fabric and a bottle of wine (not all in the same place) and headed home. We spent the rest of the night watching Princess Bride and creating our skirt pattern. It was fun. Lets just say we are zipper experts now. Well maybe not experts…
I leave you with some Brimfield Pictures. Click the “read more” below to see all pictures.







  1. Laura •

    LOL, the pics are great. I really didnt see some of these things and they made me laugh.

  2. Jeff R •

    Hey jen! I thought of you the other day. I was out on the bike (samantha the suzuki), took rt 119 from acton out to 31 south, rode through Princeton, and passed Ball Hill Rd! I said, wow, if only it was that easy the first time i went out out there! hope everythings great, we have to plan a weekend soon

  3. @laura- isnt the fake leg funny? It made me think of our cheap bastard video where we bought apogo stick for a present.

    @jeff- We def. need to get together with you soon its been way way way to long!!! How are you? I was home in princeton most of the weekend to bad we missed each other. Hope everything is going good.

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