Over the Weekend…

So this weekend Kev went white water rafting up in Maine with friends for a bachelor party. He had a great time but because he was gone that meant I was here by myself.  Friday I meet Erin in Northampton for Dinner at Mama Iguanas for some great burritos and margaritas. Then we headed over to the Academy of Music to see Nikki perform in Falsettos. She was amazing- but then again when is she not! It was a great night and it was nice to spend some time with erin.

Saturday I went to Tulipfest in Albany. I have never been before and it was crazy busy and alittle over whelming with so many people. It was a good time though with Sean and Hannah. There were lots of beautiful tulips and lots of food!! On the way out there I stopped at a garage sale because when I drove by I saw that they had a dress form out for sale. I have been looking for an older antique one for a very long time but can never find one that I can afford. Anyways as I was stopping I was thinking “I dont know why I am stopping I only have $1 dollar in my wallet.”  When I got up to the dress form I noticed it was perfect condition and then I noticed it had a sticker with a “$1” on it. I was in shock- was this really happening!!?!?! $1- that is exactly what I had in my wallet. I asked the guy if it was really one dollar and he said it was but that this guy (pointing to a kid next to me) just bought it. I was crushed! I tried to see if he would let me have it but he said he was buying it for his mom for mothers day. DOH! So upsetting!!  Anyways here are some pics from Tulipfest. If you click the “read more” link at bottomof post you will be able to see more pictures.

Happy Monday!

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