My Mom

Today is Mothers Day and I don’t get to see my mom- sniff sniff! I hope she knows how much I love her! Thanks to her (and of course my dad) my sisters and me had the most wonderful and magical childhood. I have so many amazing memories and I owe that to her!! I love you so much Mom and wish I got to see you today. I miss you!!

and to my mom in law- Happy Mothers Day as well!! I don’t get to see you either- sniff sniff. Thank you for all you do for us and for raising what I think is the most amazing man in the world. You must be a super mom to have made him come out so great!!!

  1. LOVE that pic!

  2. I know- I love this pic as well! Doesn’t my dad look like mr. cool!!

  3. Hey Jen,

    What a pic of your mom and dad! Uncle Brian has never looked more like Chevy Chase then in that one 🙂

  4. Haha- thats funny. I love seeing old pictures of your mom and dad too! They all look like such cool kids to hang out with! (not that they aren’t now but…) We miss you guys- I hope we get to see you guys soon!!

  5. You certainly know how to make a mom cry and because your words were so sweet I will let you get away with posting that pic of me (was I really that young at one time? Yeah, Dad was pretty cool! Jen, I want you to know how blessed I am to have a wonderful (in every way) daughter like you. Thanks for being so great!!!
    I love you and miss you everyday.


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