Weekend Update

Hey Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a really nice weekend. We had a BBQ yesterday which although it wasnt very nice out and nobody could come we ended up having a great time. It was just Kev, Me, Erin, Stephanie, Roman and Jon. I really enjoyed everyones company and conversation. I really feel blessed for the long time friends that we have and the new friendships that we are making. Friday night and Saturday Kev and me just hung out- had great dinners, long walks, basketball games and some house cleaning. We ended the weekend last night watching the Bruins game. Nothing makes me feel more at home then it being dark out sitting on the couch with just a few lamps on watching a hockey game with loved ones. That atmosphere will always remind of my grandparents house when I was little. Its a fond memory that is very comforting whenever I find myself in that situtation again. Oh hockey I love you!

I leave you with a little drawing I drew on Friday…


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