So yesterday was a pretty bad day. Although I love my job there are some definite bad days -I mean come on I work with teenagers. I woke up yesterday after having bad dreams all night and I just started the day off in a weird mood and it just got disastrous from there at school for many resaons. Anyway I left school with a giant sigh and hoped for better things and low and behold on the way home I suddenly realized that for the last 8 months I have been driving by a bison farm. I think I have noticed before but yesterday it just hit me and I saw this giant fuzzy guy and I just had to stop. I mean it looks like something for the muppets. I just wanted to touch his head so badly- it looked so dense and spongeey. It put a smile on my face.


Then when I got home I got a surprise package at the door and I was so psyched when I saw the beautifully designed name and who it was from!! Ill save what was inside for another post but lets just say my day was no longer bad! Thank you Nicole!!!


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