Friday 4.03.09

So its friday and I did not go to school today. ooops
So there will be no teacher style files today- that is unless you just want a picture of me in my pj’s but I dont think any one really needs to see pj pants with deer on them and a boston sweatshirt. haha. I leave you for the weekend with a picture of our stir fry dinner the other night. Mmmmm

I am only now starting to know how to cook tofu better and actually beginning to enjoy it.


I just soak tofu in teriyaki sauce in the fridge for like an hour.
Then I fry it up in some oil.

Cook brown rice and then I sautee some veggies (celery, pea pods, orange and red bell peppers, carrots) and either almonds and peanuts in some terriyaki sauce and mix it all together. Super easy but very delicious.
I would recommend Soy Voy Island Teriyaki- so good.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. We have a low key weekend planned and I very much welcome that. We have been busy to the max lately. Tony and Paul are coming over tomorrow but that is it. Yay just relaxing!
Here is Tony and Pauls new mcDonalds commerical they directed…

p.s I just ordered a camera battery for the nikomat and some more holga film!!
peace out

  1. anth_lau •

    I’m guessing you got my message? Call me so we can try to plan another weekend.

    PS – the video is so good! Congrats to your friends on their success. That’s pretty cool.

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