Teacher Style Files 3.30.09


Headband: A Jenloveskev creation
Black Boyfriend Cardigan: Old Navy $4.99 (sale)
Brown PolkaDot Blouse: American Eagle (Aerie) $7.99
Jeans: Forever 21 $12.99
Black Flats: Target

  1. lostinlaura •

    Jen, I am in love with your teacher style files… wish i was around so i could use you for a shopping coach! either way, keep it up, i love seeing this!!!

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    oh yay- this is a great surprise response!! How are you?!? Hows Philly treatin’ ya?

  3. lostinlaura •

    😀 surprise! well, i usually just passively check in on you through my feed reader, but i managed to dig up my LJ login finally…
    philly is grand! I’ve blogged a couple times for work ( 160over90.com/blog ), and keeping busy with the internship and so on. philly is a lovely place, i encourage you to come by some time!!

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