show prices…

So I just was looking online at some shows that I really want to go to in the coming months. Mates of State are playing at the hob in boston in May so I went and tried to look at the price of tickets. $20 bucks! plus if you order them online it promts you to ticketmaster who adds a $7.55 service charge on each ticket! Thats 30 bucks!! That is just crazy. What happened to being able to go see them at TT and the bears for maybe $10. I know I know they need to make a living too and I am so glad that they are doing so well, but I can’t even afford to go see them anymore. Its like a $100 dollar night then for 2 tickets, driving into boston, parking the car, getting food. Thats just expensive and something we can’t just do with out thinking it thru a little. Jenny Lewis is coming there in April as well and opening for her is Deertick!! Now who do I choose to go see? I def. cant afford both. Why do shows have to be so expensive?!?!?!?! ugh! I’ll take the old days thank you!


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