hahaha oh man we rewinded and pause this like 10 times. It totally cracked me up (thank goodness for on demand channels). So there is this amazingly awesome brewery next to our church called Brown’s Brewing Co..we love it there- they have great food and the beer to SO SO GOOD! Anyways, they have a tradition every St. Pat’s day that they invite our pastor to come over and do a blessing of the bar. It’s like this huge event with bag pipers and tons of people and tons of news coverage. Anyways Kev went last night with some friends from work and haha in the about 30 second clip on the news Kevs head was clear as day for about 10 of those seconds. haha just standing there with his big smile on- its so funny to me. Kev said Ed (our pastor) did an amazing job and we honestly feel truly blessed to be part of this church


Watch video from last years Blessing of the Bar Here
(Ed’s Blessing comes a couple mins. into video after shots of people at bar)

  1. anth_lau •

    that is hysterical! kev with his big smile – lol!

  2. anonymous •

    hahahahahahahahahah!!!! i’m just seeing this now! i cannot stop laughing!!

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    hahah your reaction made me laugh all over again!!
    Who is this!?!?!?!!???

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