Learning to sew…

So kev got me a sewing machine for my birthday (not last year the year before) and I was so excited!! I love to sew things. I am pretty ok making things like pillows, sewn little creatures, tote bags and things like that but I really wanted the machine to learn how to sew clothes. I’ve had my eye out for a dress form for a while now too- anyways I MADE MY FIRST SHIRT last night!! From far away it looks pretty darn good if you ask me for my first shirt. Up close you can def. see its not sewn all that straight but hey it was my first try. I guess I maybe should have used an easier fabric but I dont like making things easy for myself- hehe. I also made the pin. The chain is from one of my grandma’s old necklaces -anyways, love it- its like my new favorite thing!!


  1. anonymous •

    I love it! I want to learn how to sew better too. I sewed a pair of pants when I was 12 that came out ok but I got so frustrated with it that I haven’t tried any clothing since.

  2. anth_lau •

    I am so proud of you! Amazing!

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    wow pants at 12- that seems very impressive!- Who is this anyways??

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    thank you thank you!

  5. anonymous •

    Great Job!!! will you be selling clothing on your site, too??

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