So here is the deal. I need your help!! I am doing an art show at a gallery in Troy, NY with the opening at the end of June during Troy Night Out and I am really excited because its going to be a show with me and kev!! We are doing it together- a couples show! Anyways, I have always loved making comics/graphic novels (thanks to marc cote) and I have been going back and forth about what I wanted in the show and well I decided I want to make these really large 1 panel comics about different stories. I am thinking like 36″x60″- they will be mixed media self contained pieces so like you wont need the other pieces to know the story. I want each one to be its own story.

So this is what I need from you. I dont want them to be of made up stories and I dont want them to be all about me so I need you to write me stories that have happened to you in your life time. They can be happy, sad, ridiculous, scray, miraculous, regular, heartbreaking they can be of anything. It can be from recent or from years ago- any time is good. Maybe its like your favorite thing that has happened to you or something that happened in your life time that has totally changed who you’ve become. Just email them to me at jenloveskev@gmail.com or send me a message on facebook. I am really excited about this project and getting people I know and maybe people I dont even know that well invovled in this art project.

If you send me a real long story I may have to edit it to fit into a painting- I def. will love to read any length of a story but keep in mind it needs to be told in only a few frames. So maybe story isnt so much the word I should use as moment or memory and story is the secondary word…

Here are some sample pages from a graphic novel I made in college. They might be along these lines- well a little less dark, more painterly but def. lots of mixed media.



  1. anonymous •

    This is such a cool idea! I will definitely try to come up with a good story for you. Let Ben and I know when and where the show is too. I’d love to try to make it out.

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    yay! Yeah just let me know if you think of a story you would want to share and hey when you write on here could you just add like “-amber” in the message. I know it makes you write anonymously but if you can write your name in the message it would be Great!! Because I have only been able to tell it was you because in the last 2 post you wrote “ben” in it. Thanks my dear. Hope all is well!!!

  3. anonymous •

    i’ve got lots of stories you could use!! you have your pick from any category: happy, sad, romantic, scary, devastating, euphoric, nonsense- any and all at your disposal!!!


  4. jenni_n_kev •

    I knew i could count on you two- ill pick your brain tonight at dinner!

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