so i decided i would try to draw more and by more I mean everyday. I am hoping to draw everyday m-f and then be able to post them all on here of what I drew thru out the week andmaybe get some critique fromyou guys. I can take the critism dont worry. Now I am not a good drawer. Its hard and it takes alot of patience to sit there and look at what you are drawing. I am at least trying to do it for a couple weeks. We’ll see how it goes. Its wednesday today and I have yes drawn something monday and tuesday. Tuesdays I was already tired of doing it and kinda half assed my drawing. ooops Today I wil be better. I always feel like my drawings come out cartoon like. Is that just my style? I dont know if I like that? I feel like I am cursed by marc cote to always feel like my stuff is too cartoony as he would say. Wel drawings will be up by saturday sometime….

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