Here are 20 things that just make me smile lately…

1. Headbands
2. Tinted lip gloss
3. Blasting and dancing around my living room to the ting tings
4. Watching LOST and Making homemade pizza on wednesday nights with kev
5. Getting to go running outside again- spring!
6. Wearing rubber boots in puddles
7. The fridge after I have gone grocery shopping
8. My 3 cups of green tea with mint every morning when I get to school
9. Freshly painted nails (even better are freshly manicured nails from the salon)
10. Hearing kev call me swee-tie. I dont know how it started or why its continued but it makes me feel all warm on the inside- haha
11. my orange cinnamon candles
12. Jakes Fault Shiraz
13. Succulent Plants
14. Simply Orange with Pineapple juice (can brighten any morning)
15. Homemade burritos (with yellow rice, black beans, gauc. tomatoes and spinach!)
16. Seeing the kitties sleeping in the pile of fabric in my craftroom
17. Accessories
18. Thinking about going to France in 6 weeks!!
19. Saturday Mornings
20. Doing an artshow with kev in june in Troy, NY

so take that.hehe jk

ok ok i have one more- cat videos!

  1. magnuspowersinc •

    a few things!

    1. i’m really excited about my headband (even though i may cut off all my hair again)

    2. homemade pizza = heaven. have you ever had potato on your pizza? if not you should try!

    3. also food related…our favorite ingredient in a homemade burrito is sweet potato. if you cook and mash it and then put it in there… it’s probably one of the most delicious things ever created.

    4. when/how/who/where are you going to france? that is amazing and i am jealous! i just saw that plane tickets to japan were 400.. i’m thinking about a trip myself haha.

    5. i just started reading this amazing book that i thought you would like – this lady is a dream. (and lives a dream life)

  2. anonymous •

    This is soo great. I have like notebooks full of exactly the same kinds of lists “Things that make me smile” and I absolutely love #7 because I can totally relate…I stand back and admire the fridge when it is full of colorful fruit and veggies…until Ben tells me I’m wasting electricity. haha

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    Headbands- I bought just some regular elastic and I am going to just make it custom sized for you. I think it could work with whatever haircut cause you can wear it different ways. I have an address in the cape for you is that still the one I can send it too?

    now on to food! Umm sweet potato in burritos sounds heavenly! I am going to have to try that and no i haven’t tired potato on my pizza but that sounds good too! What else do you put on a pizza like that?

    I get to be a chaperone on the france trip over april vacation!!! I get to go for free- I am so pumped!! I am a little bummed kev wont be with me but for free you cant go wrong. yay!! Wow 400 to japan that is amazing! I would love to go there!

    and I will def. have to check out that book it sounds wonderful! I love that they wrote…”Lifebook for the farmgirl in all of us” haha i def. have lots of farm girl in me.

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    oh man its like a feeling that you can accomplish anything because your fridge is full. haha I think I just like having lots of options to eat lots of yummy things!!

  5. magnuspowersinc •

    this is the amazing pizza…. the pesto is excellent (minus the special ingredient… we didn’t try it with that haha), the crust and toppings… YUM!

    i’m still on the cape! so you can send it there… how much should i make the check out for? i’m excited!!

    france for free = a dream. in april too.. such a perfect timeof the year!!! <3

  6. Do you know where I can find some Jakes Fault? Love it and can’t find it anymore. Please reply to my email. Thanks!

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