so can i just say that I am totally in love with Jcrew right now… I keep getting new spring catologs in the mail and i keep ripping out all these pictures with such amazingly cute outfits. I have always loved the “suit” section of jcrew. I use to tell myself when I was in high school “when I am a teacher I will totally wear these.” They always looked so professional and gorgeous. haha well I am a teacher now and I do not wear these suits- haha can you image me wearing this like 500 dollar outfit to the artroom. I get bummed when I wreck a 20 dollar shirt. I wish I had a job (well not really because I love being an art teacher) that I could wear such dressy outfits to. Anyways I love how they have pair casual and formal together!! I love all the necklaces they are selling right now- so vintage and chunky looking. Here are a few of my favorites… oh and by the way- they have lauren hutton as one of the models. Can you imaging looking as good as she does when you are 66 years old. I sure hope I can wear a pair of skinny jeans like that.

Im in love with this causual cool look- plus i have been trying to find a pair of glasses like that!

love the rolled pants with the high heels and the necklace with the ribbon…

so good!

this skirt is amazing…

skirt sweater combo also amazing…

I love this necklace so much- its like over $100 dollars though- yikes!



  1. magnuspowersinc •

    i just got this jcrew in the mail too.. i loved a lot of the clothes – especially the colors… that second to last outfit i thought was so cute – i love brown and black together! i’m also a sweater connoisseur and it makes me sad that i can’t buy them!

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    why arent you buying sweaters?
    I loved all the colors too-
    i love the mustard color and bright orange- with neutrals- especially the pale pinks.

  3. anth_lau •

    All so beautiful. You should dress like that and wear a smock during class

  4. magnuspowersinc •

    because they burn a whole in my wallet! ha ha.. mmm orangeeee!

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    haha oh i see! especially from here yikes!!!

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