holy Crap! Thats all I have to say. Kev and me have been watching the bachelor this season (no laughs please) And last night was the finale and then The After the Rose Cermony. It was the craziest episode ever! He came on the special after he proposed to melissa to break up with her and to tell the girl he didnt picked he loved her instead. It was the most awkward uncomfortable thing to watch but we were sucked right in. Oh man what a jerk to do that on tv? Do you think he had to? Do you think they knew all along? I mean Molly’s reaction seemed pretty geniune that she was in shock? What do you think? haha it was awesome when Melissa called jason a Bastard. The previews for Jimmy Kimmel looks so funny I ended up staying up till 1am to watch it. He was making fun of Jason so bad- it was awesome. Even Kate (LOST) who was on the show was taking shots at him- so good. Seriously!

  1. anonymous •

    i was so mad! i wanted him to be with melissa the entire season and i was so excited when he proposed to her! and then he broke up with her!!! i was soooooo mad!

    – amanda

  2. anonymous •

    i know! i couldn’t believe it. i’m not really a fan of jason. i think he’s pretty bland and he shouldn’t have done that to melissa! cannot believe it. awaiting this second after the final rose special tonight!

    naomi from rockstar diaries.

  3. anth_lau •

    Anthony and I watch Jimmy Kimmel last night (tivo) – we were laughing so hard! He totally said exactly what everyone else wanted to say. I loved what Kate said – she was funny too. I loved when Jason said he and Melissa would one day be friends and Jimmy started laughing and said no way! Jason is delusional if he thinks she’ll ever be his friend. She was so mad! that whole thing was crazy. I was so mad that Molly didn’t tell him to get lost! He kept saying “this is real life” but he’s the one who chose to live his life in front of a camera, and whether this stuff happens in real life or not people will think he’s a jerk for doing it the way he did. That was so wrong.

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    i dont know- i mean i do hate him for doing all that but I dont think it was his choice. I mean I wouldnt want him to say with her just because and then get marreid and then realize hey i was wrong. I watched ellen yesterday and chris harris was on and he said that the propsal was right before thanks giving and they spent the holidays together and then he realized they wrent meant for each other. NOW Chris Harris said that when he let them know the the show had to decided how to tell america that because they still had to film the after the rose thing and they could just be like “hey he changed him mind now hs is with this person” so they set it up like that. He sais Melissa knew that was how it would be on the show- she wasnt blindsided.

    I mean he is a douche no question about it- but I do hope that him and molly are happy together.

    And that was my favoriote part too when he said they would be friends and jimmy kimmel was like “ah no you wont” I was laughing so hard.

    yay jillian!

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    the second one wasnt as good as the first after the rose…

  6. jenni_n_kev •

    i never likeed either of them- jillian all the way!

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